Carpet Cleaner Rental??

haus_proudApril 13, 2008

The carpet in my home office is about 5 years old and I've never had it cleaned, although I vacuum it regularly and nearly always walk in just my stocking feet of flip flops. Besides, it's not a high traffic area. Only now is it beginning to look like it needs to be cleaned.

Questions: If I decide to do it myself, which rental machine from a supermarket or elsewhere should I get or stay away from? I want something that's easy to use and that will dry in a day or so and does not use toxic chemicals.

It would be very disruptive to remove all the furniture in the room. I have 3 big bookcases, a full file cabinet, and an L-shaped desk that would be hard to take completely apart. I figure I can get to clean all the areas that have been exposed to foot traffic without moving the bookcases or file cabinet and maybe taking out just a part of the desk. Preparing the floor is a bigger job than cleaning it. If I refrain from removing all the furniture will I regret it some time later because there will be a difference in the cleaned and uncleaned carpet? I have a feeling the difference will appear anyway because the areas over the unmoved furniture are "protected" all these years. Any comments on this.

Finally, if I cannot find an acceptable rental machine, or decide it's too much for me to do it myself (I'm 72 years old), what should I look for in a carpet cleaning company? We had ChemDry in our bedroom a few years ago, and were not that impressed.

Thanks for your help.

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I've only used a rental machine once or twice, so no real experience to share on which one is best. I bought a Hoover Steam vac. and am happy with how it works on my carpets. To me, the key is to use really hot water when filling it.

You are right, the carpet that is exposed will look different than where the furniture covers it anyway, so wouldn't worry about moving the heavy pieces. Just move what you can to make it easier to maneuver since the cleaners are rather bulky.

You can control how wet you get it, the vacuum part does a pretty good job of sucking up the water. Mine usually dry within just a few hours. Just go slowly, and let the machine do the work. I always do small sections at a time, then run the machine back over that area one more time to suck up any additional moisture.

Good luck with your project.


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Thanks for the info. Very helpful.

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I have used the Rug Doctor brand many times and it works very well but again as I have mentioned in other posts...use Zep carpet cleaner in it (from Home Depot) and you will get a nice clean carpet.

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I read somewhere that true steam cleaning is the only thing carpets should be cleaned with. It was some kind of consumer site so it seemed like reliable information.

They did say that the Rug Doctor is very hard on your carpet because of the brush.

I think some companies make steam cleaning machines for the home. And some of the cleaning machines come close to replicating professional machines. Bissell (sp?)? Not sure which ones. But they really heat the water. Don't know if they have a brush.

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