Removing mold from wood cutting board

gracie-2006April 5, 2007

Help! I have a new wood cutting board from Willaims Sonoma I received at Christmas. I sealed it several times as directed, but it is the kind with the groove to catch juices and that is where I just noticed a dark mold type spot. Does anyone know what or how to get rid of it? Thanks for your help in advance!

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I really can't believe it's mold....more than likely it's a spot where water was left standing.
I can't tell you how to get rid of it without knowing what is on the board as far as finish.
Steel wool likely will treat it.
And then make VERY sure the board is dry, after you use it and wipe it lay it upside down over night so there is no chance of water collecting in that groove.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda! I found a site on proper cleaning of wood cutting boards. I read that it is good to rub the spot with a coarse salt (Kosher) and lemon juice. I tried it and it did make an improvement. I also read that vinegar and clorox bleach will work.

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Wouldn't want a clorox smell on my cutting board......

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