yellowing of 10-yr old white microwave

tracey_bApril 10, 2009

I have white appliances, and for the most part, they look almost brand new.....except for the built-in microwave--it's sort of "yellowed" over the years. There's probably not much to change that except for buying a new one, but heck--I've gotten other things sparkling clean from using cleaning tips/ideas here that I thought I'd ask--

Is there anything to reduce the yellowing on a white microwave (the outside)?



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I think the yellowing is due to age and heat, and can't be rewmoved. Sorry to be such a bummer.

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I was afraid of that. But, I thought the grates on my gas burners were never going to come clean either, and they look like new now. LOL....I was hoping for one more magic fix.

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I no longer have my white plastic appliances (mine turned yellow too). But I've had great luck with Charlie's liquid soap on other things I thought were lost causes. It might be worth a try and you might have to apply it several times at first. If it doesn't work, I know you will find other uses for it.

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Thanks. I've heard of Charlies, but never tried it.....guess that's next.

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If you do try the Charlie's soap general cleaner, keep in mind that you will need to let it sit to do it's work. It's not like most cleaners that powers through a job. I had a stainless steel sink that was black and couldn't get the CS to clean it. I finally realized I was suppose to let it sit for a few minutes, went to clean a bathroom and came back to just wipe the black out of the sink. It's a great cleaner.

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I agree with Jannie. White plastic yellows as it ages. You can't bleach or scrub it white again.

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My fridge turned yellow and I can't find any thing to get it clean. My micro is OK but think it is the plastic coating on the fridge with the texture.

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