How to clean front door hardware

tracey_bApril 17, 2009


I need to get my front door handle (outside) clean. It's brass (Titan is the brand on the lock). It's about 10 yrs old, and never been cleaned (beyond what the whole door gets). It just wasn't on my radar until I started looking at the house with selling in mind. Is there anything I can use on it to make it "less aged"?


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mikeriek, your solutions tell me I would never hire that cleaning company you linked if they use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

tracey_b, If it is brass take a damp rag and put a bit of baking soda on it and try to polish it. Non gel toothpaste works too. It is only 10 years old so I doubt it is real brass.

A new lock costs about $30.00. Yes you can pay more but it wont be any safer than the frame it is put into to.

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Not real brass??? I'll bet it is!
Mr Clean magic Eraser works very well. It's a mild abrasive....not sure what you have against it.
Linda C

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Well, it can't hurt to give Mr. Eraser a try, or any other things for that matter. I looked for some ideas elsewhere and one said to use a vinegar and salt solution. If nothing makes it more presentable, I might just spring for a new door handle--I'll just have to make sure it's the same as the current one because I don't want to have to paint the door too! Seems one thing always leads to another.....


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If it were brass, and if I were buying I would want it to look old.

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If it's really brass, rub a hunk of creamy peanut butter on a cloth or paper towel, and use that to rub the metal. It will be clean and shiny in no time.

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Well, I'm gonna have to try the peanut butter, just to see what will happen :-)

Thanks everyone.

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