Need help with horrible dog smell

aok27502April 17, 2010

I have a vacant apartment which reeks of dog odor. It is not urine/feces, just the smell of a dog which was never bathed. The entire place has been painted, including the first floor ceilings. The carpets have been professionally cleaned. I even called a disaster recovery place and got some stuff that they use for smoke damage, etc. It is supposed to have bacteria that eat the source of the problem. I sprayed the carpets and part way up the walls with a fairly concentrated dose of that, twice. Still the odor lingers.

The downstairs has prefinished hardwood floors, which have been mopped twice, once with vinegar and once with household cleaner. I'm afraid to use anything too harsh there.

Any more suggestions? I am afraid I will end up replacing the carpet, but I'd like to try anything else first. I need to get to the source, so things that simply cover up the odor won't work. I've tried.

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Replace the carpet and padding and seal any wood you can with shellac or varnish. Souinds like the doggy odor has really sunk in. I feel sorry for you. I went thru a devil of a hard time when I moved into my house. The former owner was a terrible smoker and the house stunk of his cigarettes. It took me literally years to replace all the carpeting and paint every room. That's the only thing that really gets rid of odors.

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Some folks who have had severe odor problems swear by ozone generators. No idea what brands or anything, but they are smallish units and not terribly expensive....I don't think you're supposed to stay in the same room with them for a long time but apparently they can be set to run in a closed up room or apartment and I've been told by several folks that they do work for some pretty awful smells. Might be worth a try.

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I did a little research on ozone generators, and it seems that they are similar in nature (I know, the science is completely different) to ionizers. I have access to an ionizer, so I am going to stick that in there for a few days and see if it does anything. Thanks for the tip!

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