straightening up/storage question

lisalisa2009April 22, 2009

Wasn't sure where to post this.

But this really drives me crazy. does anyone have suggestions for organizing USB cords and charger cords around the computer area. i have cords for uploading various camera photos, ipod charger cords.

i have a hook on the wall. most of the time the cords end up on the floor. grrrr! i'd like to leave the cords out in the open so they easily accessible.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I agree completely, those cords are annoying and seem to reproduce under the equipment. There are a number of things on the market today that pull them together and camouflage them somewhat but they never disappear. Check with Staples or Office Depot. Home Depot and Lowes offer options for disguising all those cords.

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I have a small table in a corner in my family room, with an electrical outlet nearby. I keep all my cellphone chargers, mouse charger, etc, on that table. At least I have everything tohether.

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There was a time with the big old computers when the persons hired to do such things had twist ties made for the purpose of keeping cables all in neat bundles. Longer sections of cable going to the same place were wrapped in some sort of tape.

Do the office supply stores have such stuff today are is this just a leftover from back in those not-necessarily-so-good old days?

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Along this same line - I always end up with dozens of recharger cords and can never remember which one goes with which device - and they can't always be used interchangeably. I have learned to put a label on each as soon as I get a new one or figure out what an old one is used for. I'm sure I have rechargers for things I threw away months or years ago.

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