Need help with bathroom remodel

skubaApril 17, 2013

Hi, we will be needing 2 new complete vanities for the remodel we are doing. This is our first house and first remodel. In general, is it cheaper to buy a package vanity that comes with sink, faucets, top, etc.. or pick each thing separate?

I definitely understand that by picking separate I have more choices, but we are trying to be budget conscious too.

We have been looking at some brands that sell the entire thing such as Ronbow and Virtu.

Any advice for someone remodeling bathrooms for the first time?

Thanks so much

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It depends, if you like the quality and color of the package deal then I would go for it. Although I would probably opt to buy the faucets separately.

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All things being equal, usually the package deal is cheaper. Both lines you mentioned, particularly the Ronbow are on the high end. Though I did a search and found an excellent deal on a Virtu vanity from Wayfair. didn't spend a lot of time there, but the price was very good.

I would like to see the vanity in person though, get a feel for the quality of the drawer, etc. I know several people who have bought vanity sets from Costco, but I don't like the quality I see at my local it's up to you as to what you can live with.

We have our vanities custom made. It's not cheaper, but you get EXACTLY what you want, which is worth the price paid in my opinion.

I would look at Houzz, and go through pages and pages of vanities, and find out if the ones you seem drawn to are custom made or if they name the manufacturer. That should give you a starting point of what you like without having to hoof it all over town looking at show rooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vanity set on sale for example

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you can hire a renovation team who will fix all the problems.

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