Electrolux French Door Fridge...yay or nay?!?!

muimui80April 7, 2009

Hi all,

I'm looking into buying the Electrolux SS French Door EW23BC70IS. I believe this model came out Feb this year. I was immediately drawn to this fridge's sleek look and all the "bells and whistles"...compared to others I had seen at the warehouse KA,LG, JennAir and Kenmores...it appeared much more sturdy just when i closed the doors. Basically, I want/need for my fridge - french doors, SS finish, counter depth and external ice and water dispenser. I'm very attracted to a clean and modern look. When I saw this one it had all that i wanted and i fell in love with the LCD screen, LED lighting and the extra drawer inside the fridge section where you can regulate the temp...super cool!!!

I've been searching for "The One" for about 18 months and this model comes closest to what i like. HOWEVER, i never heard of Electrolux. I know they are known for their vacuums. I know they make Fridgedaire and have been around in Europe for a while. They have been in the US for about 5 yrs.

I checked here for messages on Electrolux fridges and they have good and bad reviews but they are from year 2007. Anyone have any recent experience with this brand of fridges. Do you know of a brand/type that would have all the features i want?

Just not sure if i should spend $4,000 on a fridge I really love but don't have much history to take from.....I appreciate everyone's feedback!

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I, too, am very interested in this refrigerator. Aside from its good looks, it appears to be the largest 36" French door cabinet-depth style available. Note that the Electrolux FDs just went on sale this month (April 2009) in the US (not sure about elsewhere) and the cabinet-depth models will not (I am told) be on sale until the end of April.

It sounds like you have actually seen one in person. . . .

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I saw this Electrolux on ajmadison.com and fell in love. I also would like to know if anyone has any feedback about this fridge.

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looks like no one has any feedback...just us 3 interested...LOL

YES i have seen it in person....VERY NICE! costs about $3700 and they have unilateral pricing which means you wont find it cheaper any where else as electrolux sets the price.

ronnyk - can you clarify your last sentence? do you mean the electrolux FD regular went on sale this month and the same fridge but cab-depth wont go on sale until the end of this month???!!!

what do you all know about the track record of electrolux? do you think 4K is too much to spend for this fridge?!?!

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Yes, muimui80, that is what I meant (on advice from my Electrolux dealer). I live on the east coast, so perhaps things are different.

I know several people who have Electrolux kitchen appliances and have heard only positives. I absolutely love the oven, which is why I opted for it as well as the Electrolux cooktop (both in the Icon line). Electrolux makes Frigidaire appliances which I think are also very good so I have no reason to have any doubts.

The price you noted seems kind of high. I was under the impression from my dealer that the stainless FD CD refrigerators would be $3199 or $3399, depending upon whether you wanted the "wave touch" controls. I see now that AJ Madison shows the wave touch model at $3600, which seems to me too much a difference between the models.

My dealer will give me 10% off, so I need to debate between this fridge and the KA or Jenn-Air models, and see whether the extra cubic foot or so of space and the looks are worth the extra few hundred dollars.

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Well, I pulled the trigger and ordered this refrigerator. SS with the IQ Touch controls. My dealer gave me 13% off MRP, so the difference in price was not exorbitant when compared to the smaller Jenn-Air and Kitchenaid counter-depth FDs.

I'll report back further once installed. It is not due to arrive until May 19 and probably will be another month until it is finally placed in the kitchen.

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I, too, have been looking at this refrigerator. I saw the AJ Madison price which is standard for all at $3,699, but they had no tax, free shipping and said they could send out in 10 days. But I called Electrolux and they said the CDFD wasn't even out yet..the EW23BC70IS model. I saw the standard depth model in a dealer showroom and it's really so much better than JennAir, etc, etc. My dealer has offered a 5 year free warranty, but no better pricing. Apparently they can't budge with Electrolux pricing. I get that from each appliance dealer I've visited. We'll be ordering soon, so I'll report back as well. Still wondering if anyone out there has the standard depth one to review?

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Hi - I am thinking about buying an Electrolux Icon side-by-side professional fridge E23CS78HPS -- I really like the look of it, but read some really bad reviews of Elecrolux in 2007 and 2008 -- I'm wondering if they have turned thing around? Would love to hear thoughts from anyone who has purchased an Electrolux fridge lately. Thanks.

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I am thinking of buying the Electrolux CD, FD too. What do people think of it? What is the difference and advantages/disadvantages of the IQ v. Wave Touch technologies? Does the ice/water dispenser make a mess?

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This is so funny - I have been doing research over the past couple of days and have narrowed it down to a KA or the Electrolux counter depth french door style. I stopped by Pacific Sales to see the Electrolux today. It is pretty nice looking - it might be "the one". The model I saw was $2,999 - but it did not have the dispenser in the door and I am not sure about the IQ, Wave Touch that everyone is talking about...

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Electrolux is not exactly known for thier fridges. Yes they look nice but seem prone to problems, and of course are pricey.

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I ordered one because of the deeper shelves providing extra space. I'm used to a dispensor in the door but did not order it this time because of how much space it takes up. I don't think its wave touch but I could be wrong. Haven't seen much negative about this model - which is why I decided to buy it - but there were problems with other Electrolux models a while ago.

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Oh no - I really hope they are not prone to problems - I just sold DH on the Electrolux with the "Perfect Temp Drawer" for wine :)

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I hope we'll both be happy with our choice! Really haven't heard anything negative about this model. Just one person who got a lemon. Electrolux replaced it and gave her about $150 back for her trouble.

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I have had mine installed about two weeks now. Totally in love with it. I was compromising on size to get the counter depth but it turns out to be no compromise at all. Everything I "need" fits beautifully, very organized and no lost food in the back waiting to rot. The look is impeccable, ice drop is quite, wave touch is amazing and everyone wants to open the door to look at the lighting. Appearances get an A plus. Very solid and well built. On start up, the temp dropped to perfect temp in about 1 1/2 hours. The quick freeze option keep everything cold when loading groceries, the perfect temp drawer is an amazing feature for organization as well as keeping foods exactly as you like them. I am thrilled I chose this, no disappointments here. I can't comment on mechanics and longevity as it's brand new.
A friend has the KA and has had service out multiple times for freezing lettuce in the veg bin. Final verdict from service was for her to move her vegetables. The Electrolux keeps all veg perfect, I am getting an extra week on thinks like bagged lettuce and mushrooms. Old frige was just a cold box, everything rotten within 2 or 3 days. This is an engineered masterpiece. Did not disappoint.

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We had an Electrolux CD FD installed two weeks ago and unfortunately have had problems with it. It was noisy on startup which took about just over two hours and then it went silent. Whew, cuz the noise was annoying both me and our GC! Then about 8 hours later it was buzzing so loud, that DH and I said off it goes and ever since I have been dealing with service calls and noise. Tomorrow will be the second visit to fix the noise which last week was caused by the evaporator fan being damaged in transit. We thought it had been fixed but the noise came back and we have been just dealing with it.

We do hope that it can be fixed tomorrow finally because we had a very hard time finding any other frig besides this one that met all of our requirements. Highly recommend buying from someone who does good service.

I do agree on the veggies. We have a head of lettuce in the frig for almost a week and it looks fresh except for a bit more moisture than we are used to.

Our model is the one at the bottom of the scroll of frigs. No water or ice in the door. We didn't even hook up the water because of seeing so many postings on that being problematic. Will update tomorrow after repair person hopefully fixes it.

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carolr - sounds great. I went to look at it again today and we are going to go for it too!

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earth pal, carolr. Which model # did you purchase? With or without dispensor in door?

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I'd been trying to decide between this one or the Samsung and the Samsung is *slightly* bigger I think. Holds one more gallon in the door or something like that? Also - what's interesting - is that the Samsung has a slightly bigger fresh foods area while the Electrolux has a slightly bigger freezer, I seem to recall. Because we have an extra freezer in the basement and can never seem to have enough fridge space, that tipped the scale in the Samsung's favor (along w/ good reviews).

That said, if I'm wrong about that or am missing some important point, please do share since I haven't bought it yet! I'm trying to hold off for another month or so which is when I'm hoping the new models will be coming out.



p.s. I did like the tightness of the Electrolux veggie drawers better. And I've read the ice cubes are nice! :)

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After much discussion, DH and I have asked (!) for a new frig from our retailer. Am waiting to hear details today as to when we are switching the frigs. Hopefully soon, because now that we are moving everything into the new kitchen, it is a pain to walk back to our temp kitchen for all frig stored items!

Theresse, the veggie bins are nice and keep produce well. We also use the Cool Zone drawer for the larger veggies like celery and leeks in addition to produce overflow. During the summer, I buy half flats of berries and it will be so much easier to store them in the E'lux frig.

Our model is the EI23BC36IS frig. It is counter depth, ice maker in freezer and water dispenser inside the frig. We did not hook up either because of reading about multiple problems with those items in many different types of frigs. We also have filtered water at our sink that is much easier to use too.

We very nearly bought a Samsung CD FD model #266 or 267 in the stainless look. Upon rechecking measurements, we discovered that the space in FRONT of the spot that our frig is located wasn't big enough for the Samsung and thus we kept looking and discovered this E'lux model. So, most of us just think about the frig spot, but you have to consider that front space for moving the frig in and out for any potential repairs etc.

Theresse, why do you think new models are coming out next month? If so, hmm...

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I've had my Electrolux FD Wave Touch counter depth refrigerator with ice and water dispenser through door for 7 months now. LOVE it. Have not had any of the problems people have had with previous models. I thought it would be too small, but no problems with storage whatsoever.

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We got this fridge about 2 weeks ago. It looks great, holds a lot and keeps everything in view. I do feel like we are wasting less food now. The only BIG negative is that the water that comes out through the door is NOT chilled. I called the company and was told that it is designed that way to prevent the water line from freezing. It is a bummer that is taking me some time to get used to...no turning back now!

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I'm glad to see these reviews as I still really want to get the FD (not counter depth). How much did you all pay for a FD?

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Fabb, I don't remember the exact figure because it has been awhile. I do know that we bought it when E'luxe was having its 10% off sale a few months back.

Jstell, thanks for the encouraging words about your frig. I am hoping that we were just unlucky.

So, after much discussion between ourselves, our retail outlet and E'luxe, we are scheduled to receive delivery of our "new" aka replacement frig next week. Please keep your fingers crossed that we have much better luck with this unit. It has been frustrating looking at the current not working unit for the last month now as I walk back to our 13 year old Amana bottom freezer model in our temp kitchen space that was much less noisy than the new frig...

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Did the new fridge get installed? I am frightened...mine will be installed next Monday and it has been sitting at my house for just over three months (un-used). I just hope it works when they finally plug it in!

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"The only BIG negative is that the water that comes out through the door is NOT chilled. I called the company and was told that it is designed that way to prevent the water line from freezing."

Yet every other manufacturer of water in the door refrigerators manages to deliver chilled water to the dispenser without the line freezing. Since the line doesn't run through the freezer compartment, it's a really poor excuse for bad design in a very expensive appliance.

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Hey Firsthouse!

You must be sending me those good vibes! I am waiting now for the new one to arrive. Will post once we have had it installed etc.

Have you tried plugging your frig in, to do a basic check of the workings? Just remember to keep the ice maker bar up so it doesn't try to make ice and make lots of noise instead because I am "assuming" that you wouldn't be able to hook up water as well in your trial run...

Crossed fingers for both of us!


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Okay, my report so far is good and that I am FINALLY happy about the frig.

Ours was delivered this past Tuesday by a much nicer installation crew than our previous one. After hearing how quiet the frig is suppose to be and knowing how loud our previous one was on startup and that crew didn't say anything? GRR!!! Oh well...

We are slowly moving into it because we didn't want to get our hopes up. I purchased three baskets of strawberries on Wed. and they slid into the Cool Zone drawer with no problem and I still have lots of room. :)) Being able to buy fresh fruit in large quantities and have it stay in good condition was one of the features that sold me on this frig.

I can't say anything about the icemaker and water features since we chose not to hook those up. It is nice and bright and easy to find things so far in the frig. It isn't too deep, so I am hoping to cut down on finding "science experiments" in this frig.

For anyone purchasing an E'luxe or really any frig, if it is noisy on startup, call your salesperson, right away, and don't let the installation crew convince you this is how it sounds on startup.

Count me as a YAY finally.

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We are about to order the model EI23BC36IS ( http://www.electroluxappliances.ca/node31.aspx?categoryid=1333&productid=18882 ) and after talking to the seller at Sears and to a technical person at Electrolux, it seems like there might not be an internal water dispenser inside this fridge. Could someone who has this fridge let us know whether this is true or not? Thanks in advance!

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We have the Electrolux FD CD without water in the door. THere is not an internal water dispenser. The water filter filters the water for the ice maker.

I am pleased with the layout and the "studiness" of the refrigerator. Love the size of the vegetable and fruit drawers. We have the Perfect Temp drawer which we use for meat usually.

We are having a problem that the fridge portion set at 39 degrees, dips to 29 degrees, which has resulted in frozen lettuce a couple of times. We called Electrolux who was prompt is sending someone from a local repair firm. After diagnozstics they decided a new controller board is required. Electrolux overnighted the part. The repair guy will be back on Friday to replace. Hopefully it will resolve the issue.

Even with the needed repair I am pleased with our choice. I did not like anything else I looked at (except for the very pricy built-ins.)

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We have the model you are asking about as well, and DCWesley is correct about there being no water dispenser in this frig. It is the entry level of E'luxe's product line and this is probably one of the reasons along with the cool zone drawer and not the wave touch controls.

We are having a bit of problem with moisture in the crisper drawers that I am researching before I call for service. Have ours set for 37 and did notice the same drawer with moisture issues seems colder than normal.

Overall, we really like the frig and being able to put 1/2 flats and more of berries in the cool zone drawer easily. The door bins take a bit of getting used to and the freezer drawer as well since it is smaller than our previous frig.

I am agreement with DCWesley on there not being anything else that the features we were looking for:
no water/ice in door
turnoffable ice maker in freezer
stainless steel or lookalike
well designed freezer that was largely visible and not a dark hole
bright lighted interior
French Door or bottom mount
wide deli type drawer that was totally enclosed

The last was the deal breaker on so many frigs it seemed.

Based on my experiences tho I would consider the extended service contract and I would make sure that your Sears provides good service since so many other posters have said otherwise.

Good Luck!

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Thanks a lot to dcwesley and earth_pal for the info about the water dispenser. We would have liked one, but we will be ok without it.

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Do not buy the Electrolux french door with ice maker/water in door!!
All we've had is problems since we first got it. Noisy motor in ice-maker, waterline and ice froze, now dripping onto plate, and also now cooling problems. Food spoiling, cannot get temp lower than 33 degrees. Told Electrolux headquarters we want to send it back!

We bought it back in Jan. The motor noises started back then. Repair man has been out 5 times already!!
Lousy quality for a high-end, expensive fridg!!

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Sorry to hear about your problems. I gather from our experiences that E'luxe is not very cooperative as you have discovered too. I had several discussions with our sales person and his manager to get things moving for replacing our problem frig.

Alas, your experience matches other frig owners from all lines and is why we don't have our ice maker turned on or one in the door.

I thought after 3 times they have enough info to generate a return because of defective equipment? I would think so after 5 times!!

Keep bugging them. You paid good money and should receive a quality problem free frig in return.

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We too had purchased the Electrolux refrigerator with the French Door. We too have had problems with it. First the ice maker went out. We called them again and they sent out a new ice maker that they had a repairman replace. That was about two weeks ago. now our ice maker has quit working again. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed with the Refrigerator.

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We have an opposite problem with our ice maker. It makes too much before it senses the bin is full. The repairman was here and has ordered an extender for the bar so that it sits lower in the ice bin. He told me most people that have problems with the ice maker have the no ice situation you describe.

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Hello all, thank you for all your reviews - read thru every one. I am ready to purchase the Electrolux FD counter depth with no water/ice on door. My only dilemma is whether to purchase the model with the Perfect Temp feature. It is an additional $300. Do you really have times where you need the drawer at different temp than rest of refrigerator?


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We debated about that option and chose to have the cool zone instead. What are you thinking of placing in the drawer? If it is wine or something that is one their programmed temperatures, then it might be worthwhile.

We use it for items like berry flats and long veggies, i.e. celery, leeks...

Even tho there are sliders on each side of the long deli drawer, there is no divider, so it is hard to make one side a specific humidity in the cool zone drawer.

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We bought the Counter Depth version of this model in April of this year and I am very disappointed in it.

My little complaints are: The ice maker is very noisy. It occasionally sounds like popcorn popping. The glass has to be fully removed from under the dispenser before it stops dropping ice. This leads to ice on the wood floor every time we use it. The upper freezer basket occasionally jumps the track and the freezer drawer won't fully close. To put the basket back in place, my wife has to unload it.

My biggest complaint by far though is the design of the doors. The upper doors are designed such that the left hand door closes with the lightest touch, but because of the gasket mechanism the right hand door requires a solid close. They layout of the fridge encourages placing beverages (milk, pitchers, etc..) on the right. In addition, most people coming from a side-by-side fridge world tend to open the right hand door. Why they didn't put the finicky closing gasket on the left hand door is beyond me. Also if the right-hand door is ajar, no alarms go off and the ice dispenser will try to work it will fail, but it will fail in a way that makes you think you are out of ice. You would expect some kind of open door alarm out of a unit this 'smart'.

I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of buying one of these to look elsewhere.

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sorry to hear that you are having problems with your frig. Our model doesn't have the ice maker in the door and the freezer one isn't on, but once in awhile we do have that loud popping noise that you refer to, so I believe it might be something else.

If you google frig storage issues, all of the experts tell us to not store milk and other dairy products on the door but to store them inside on the bottom shelf toward the back or the coldest spot in the frig. Cheese is suppose to be on the top shelf toward the back. We have been doing this with the Eluxe frig and are noticing that those products are easily lasting a day longer.

Your problems are one of the reasons why we didn't go for the water in the door.

I do sympathize with you as you can see from my earlier postings but overall, we would recommend buying this frig knowing what we know because it was one of the few that met our qualifications. Unfortunately, no frig seems to be able to work perfectly any more for years, sigh...

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For those of you with the FD CD without water or ice in the door, any regrets?

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This didn't make our list of requirements and we don't miss it all. Of course we live somewhere that is cool and foggy most of the time... We can always make ice the old fashion way with trays or buy it on those rare times we want it.

I really feel that this is something that is better handled with a water pitcher in the frig and not worth the extra money or hassle.

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We've had the EW23BC71IS CD FD fridge since the end of June and are extremely happy with the fridge itself. As for the ice maker, we had had some problems with it but we were attributing those to insufficient use of the ice maker. For the past month, we've been dumping out the ice once a week - since then, the ice maker has been working perfectly. We'll keep our eye on it, though, and will report it E'lux as soon as we see signs of problems returning.

We also got the EI24RD65HS fridge drawers at the same time and we absolutely love this unit - we can say, though, that it is not as effective at maintaining a constant fridge temperature as is the CD FD fridge. It is, however, more than sufficient for its intended purpose: beverages.

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We've had the Electrolux EI23BC36I CD FD fridge since June and really like it. Except for an issue with condensation (just posted about this issue - I think it may be caused by the contents) we have really enjoyed the layout and features of this fridge. I do not have the water/ice feature in the door and do not miss it. The interior ice maker works very well but we've had a few ice cubes jump the bucket and end up in the bottom of the freezer. Not a huge deal.

Overall, it is very quiet and meets the needs of our four person family... and looks great.

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My mother bought the Electrolux fridge with the French doors in July. She shelled out over $3,000 and has been met with nothing but problems! The ice maker stopped working after about 3 weeks, so she called the appliance center where she purchased it and they were very apologetic and said they'd send someone out to repair it. The repairman came and replaced a part to make the icemaker work. One week later it stopped working again so the company sent a deliveryman out to pick it up and replace it with a new fridge (same make/model). I was at her house when the delivery men came to pick up the fridge and replace it with a new one and he said that hers was LITERALLY the 27th one he had to pick up and replace for the same complaint (ice maker).

So she has had the new refrigerator since about August and there is another repairman coming to her house this Tuesday for (get ready):
- icemaker doesn't consistently make ice unless you turn it off for 10 minutes and back on again and even after that it's not very reliable
- when ice DOES come out it never stops so the whole reservoir empties into your glass
- the bottom drawer (the crisper) inside the fridge freezes everything while everything on the top shelf is almost 50 degrees F
- the right side door doesn't ever close properly while the left one won't stay open
- the bottom drawer for the freezer is almost impossible to shut (and not because it's too full)
- the basket drawer on the top shelf of the freezer constantly comes off the track on one side and is now bent
- freezer drawer also sticks
- the interior lights do not work at all anymore so you have to use a flashlight to see inside
- the alarm that is there to alert you if the doors are left ajar no longer works
- everything in the freezer is frosted over like one of those old freezers that you had to manually defrost every once in a while

And it's quite possible I am forgetting some things. I feel so bad for her, she's 63-years-old and was so excited to get a new refrigerator because she had the old one for over 20 years, now she's had nothing but problems. Again, she has had it only since August and it's only September now. PLEASE do NOT waste your hard-earned cash on this piece of garbage!

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These horror stories are getting me really concerned about our fridge and, frankly, are giving me strong second thoughts about the E'lux speed oven.

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We have had the FD CD (ice and water in door) since last November. We started to have ice maker problems (started to stop making ice) about 3 months ago. When it finally stopped making ice completely we called Electrolux. Replaced the electronics board on the back of the fridge twice and the ice turn off arm. Replacing the ice turn-off arm seemed to solve the problem. Have had continual ice for two weeks now. Also, we had a sheet of ice under the "perfect temp door". Replaced the "air vent tower" on the inside back of the fridge and that seemed to fix the problem. They redesigned the air vent tower to control the air circulation better. They have a special support team just for this fridge.

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I purchased the http://www.electroluxappliances.com/kitchen-appliances/refrigeration/french-door/ei28bs56ib and have been EXTREMELY disappointed with it. I mean, it's features seem great, the lighting is cool, and I like the size and the drawers, but wow, this thing can't keep anything colder than 50 degrees, I have had at least a half dozen service calls because of that, and nobody could fix it. Turns out, it's a design flaw that's in quite a few of their models. The temp sensor is right in the air channel, just above the freezer, so that if you have it set to 40 degrees (for example) the sensor is reading at the coldest temperature in the entire cabinet, instead of in the open area where it should, and will shut off when it hits 40, but the rest of the cabinet is 50-something degrees. I have mine set to 33 degrees and my fridge thermometer (I bought one to make sure things weren't cold like I thought) reads consistently at around 52 degrees. You can't set it any colder than that either, so you have to live with that.

After much hassle and calls back and forth to the factory, and after unloading my refrigerator for service techs multiple times, it still stands this way. Nothing you can do about it, unless you have a tech (or yourself) jury rig the sensor, pulling it out of the channel and putting it somewhere else in the cabinet so it can get a correct temperature reading. This is TOTALLY unacceptable for a refrigerator of any price, let alone this much.

Now, my ice maker has started to drop water everywhere and it isn't keeping the ice frozen. This refrigerator is about 8 months old now and I'd really like to use it for target practice. The temperature problem has caused my food to spoil a lot quicker than it should too, causing yet more expense. I hate this refrigerator. Please be wary of buying any of Electrolux's refrigerators. Here's another thread about them from other disappointed buyers, most of whom have had the same problems I have... so I know it's not just me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elextrolux Refrigerator Temperature Problem

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Update: technician was in yesterday and my wife told me that he replaced almost everything to do with the icemaker: new circuit board, new motor, control arm, etc. They even installed a chute guard (I'll post a picture when I have time to do so) - the latter to address complaints of flying ice cubes (something we never encountered). Apparently, many of the new parts have been redesigned - E'lux is evidently keenly aware that their icemaker is problematic.

So far, so good - let's hope this fix works because, otherwise, we love this fridge.

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Wow...I've had the standard depth French Door IQ touch for 3 months and it's worked just fine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!


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It would be helpful if everyone included model numbers with their posts. I have EI23BC36I and haven't experienced any problems. It appears that most the issues are occurring in models that have water and ice dispensers in the door.

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Ours is a CD/FD wave touch w/ ice maker (EW23BC71IS) and we love it. E'lux has been very responsive so no complaints here.

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Do not buy this electrolux FD frig! I am on my second one. Neither one will deliver ice. First one didn't make ice after 2 weeks and second one makes ice but auger won't deliver it through door. Had 4 repairs on this one and it still doesn't work. Electrolux is balking on sending me a third unit. I am a lawyer and will file suit if this continues. The model is evidently unmerchantable. I anticipate a class action lawsuit in the near future. I have have not had ice since May on a $3 K plus appliance.

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I have the EW28BC71IS standard depth french door with ice in the door and it works perfectly and I love it. I love the lighting, the shelving and the ample room both the fridge and freezer provide. My only gripe with fridge is that since I also purchased gas range (love blue interior!) and dishwasher, the fridge should have a blue "water/cube/crush" indicater light to match blue clock on range and dishwasher timer. My only gripe with dishwasher is that it had a foul smell for the first several months. I was looking for mid-range price appliances as I'm not much of a cook and didn't want people to think they were in store for a gourmet meal if I had purchased the high-end stuff. I'm quite pleased with the purchase.

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We have a new CD FD Elux wi water and ice on the front. Ours stopped making ice shortly after we got it. A service tech came out and provided a temp fix. It has been making ice normally since. The permanent fix gets installed tomorrow ( a CPU upgrade). We really like our fridge and the service has been very responsive. Even with this issue I would still recommend this unit. I only wish I had gotten the icon version so the controls would match our double ovens! :)

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Got a Wave Touch FrD FD installed in late August and it has been terrific. We love it. Its HUGE and weighs about 300 lbs. The freezer has loads of space and nicely segmented pull out trays. The LED lights are nice and bright and reduce energy use. There was more than ample space for all the holiday baking and dinner supplies. We did have to reprogram the ice maker which we did w/ the rep over the phone. DH must have turned it off somehow. Otherwise, all has been great. I will say it can occassionally be a little noisy at times when the compressor is running but I assume this is because it is a big machine trying to keep alot of things at diff. temps. We're very satisfied w/ it; in fact thrilled by all the storage, easy access and visibility of everything we have in there.

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Well, in spite of many negative reviews, we did buy the Electrolux French Door fridge with ice/water in the door about one month ago. Today the icemaker stopped producing ice and I made a call to their 1-800-service number. Very responsive, very helpful, walked me through re-setting the icemaker and it immediately started making ice again. They are over-nighting a serveware(?) upgrade and will have a technician install it early next week. They explained to me that in order to meet the qualifications for EnergyStar appliances, they have a smaller compressor in the refrigerator than they would otherwise; if you are in and out of the fridge alot and/or if you put hot food in the fridge, it can sometimes require so much power to cool down that the ice maker shuts itself off. I was told that the new serveware they're sending should take care of this problem. That was an explanation I hadn't heard. So, we're being patient for now and will see what happens with this change. Otherwise, I really do like the fridge and especially the freezer configuration. Here's hoping......

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They explained to me that in order to meet the qualifications for EnergyStar appliances, they have a smaller compressor in the refrigerator than they would otherwise;

That is not a problem unique to Electrolux or FD refrigerators with ice dispensors.

SxS fridges with ice dispensors have to meet EneryStar requirements too. Not as many problems though.

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Am I the odd person out here? I have had my CD Wave Touch FD Electrolux with ice and water dispenser for over a year now, and no problems whatsoever. My ice maker makes noise once in a while, but when I check it there is usually a clump of ice cubes stuck near the dispensing end. I remove that and things are ok again. I have had this problem with every ice maker I have ever owned, so it isn't a big deal to me. I love my fridge!!

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The tech came and installed our update earlier this week and its making ice like a champ now! Good luck with your update. I'm sure it will do the trick.

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bought my french door wave touch ss fridge model #ew28bs711s6 in november 2009, the ice maker worked for 6 weeks, the unit was replaced 3 times, work for a couple of weeks then melts. The fridge was replaced on Nov 11 2010- today the ice maker stopped making ice and melted down. I would never buy this fridge again.

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Bought the french door wave touch EW28B271IS in July 2010. Ice maker didn't work, shot ice all over the floor, cubes were slushy. Had multiple computer boards replaced, ice maker parts, and entire ice maker. Then had the entire fridge replaced with a new one in November 2010. Flap on right door was then replaced, ice maker stopped working, and compressor is very loud. They were supposed to replace board but got wrong part. Needed 8.1 but sent old one. Now I'm told I'm getting a 3rd new unit to the house because they don't want to work on compressor in my house, nor do I want them too. This is ridiculous. Beautiful fridge that matches my kitchen (we bought a whole kitchen of Electrolux and ICON) but I'd never buy it again. If this 3rd unit doesn't work, I'll have to demand a refund and purchase a competing product. Unfortunately, I've been offered NO compensation for sitting at home 16 times for service calls with 4-6 hour windows. What a waste of time. It's a shame because the products look beautiful - they just don't work well for the price paid.

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We've had ours for about three weeks. It's the kind with no ice maker/water on the door, and we haven't even hooked the internal icemaker up because we're just not that big on ice--a couple of trays is fine for us. We would rather have more storage in the freezer, so we took out the icemaker tub and voila, more storage space. I do like that you can remove the tub and there's no mechanism getting in the way of storage.

So far, no problems. It holds its temperature really well, and we have a thermometer sitting on a shelf in the fridge so I'm not just basing that on what the built-in fridge thermometer says. There's SOOOO much room in the fridge, compared to our old side-by-side that died and to some other counter depth FD's we saw.

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Check out the G.E. Cafe CFCP1NIZSS at the following link.


Here is a link that might be useful: G.E. Appliances

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I had an Electrolux IQ Touch french door, EI28BS56IS delivered in August. No problems. Icemaker works fine, temp is spot on and I love the capacity.


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We purchased two Electrolux appliances about 8 months ago. What a nightmare. We ended up returning their new induction range and we are now on our 3rd visit from the appliance store to look at the refrigerator. This by the way is our 2nd refrigerator from them because the first one the ice maker didn't work. Ugh, I would never buy another one of their products. We ended up exchanging their range for a Bosch which we love. I could go on and on but I don't want to get my blood pressure up. I will give Electrolux points for style. The range and refrigerator were both beautiful looking but I wouldn't go near this brand again. I see many reviewers are quite happy but all I would say is "buyer beware" !!

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Wish we had read these reviews before purchasing our Electrolux appliances.The microwave has been replaced after 4 service calls. French door refrigerator with an in door ice maker has been serviced 12 times. Initially problem was the ice maker then unable to maintain temperature. Constant SY EF code displayed. It was a battle to get them to replace the unit. Wish us well we are expecting a replacement tomorrow

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Wow--I have the IQ Touch model with the water in the door, delivered in August. No problems, love the capacity. I also bought double wall ovens, love them, they're terrific and work just as well as I'd hoped they would.


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Without a doubt the worst appliance we have ever purchased. The fridge itself is great the icemaker on the other hand is junk. Multiple service calls parts etc. The warranty 1 year is now out (one week) and guess what the maker failed again. Would not purchase another at all.

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have had this fridge for 2 weeks. It is beautiful. Stainless Steel sides as well- almost a shame to hide it in the cabinets. The doors close a little loud and sometimes the stile? on the right door does not slide into position and so the left door does not close right and the internal parts of the door bang into each other. We learned pretty quickly to just close the right door first. It is supposed to be the largest of the counter depth french door 36 inch but still smaller than our old freezer on top model. But we love it.

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Got my mine back in 1/2010. Got it because I bought a house and the fridge is not set in between cabinets. It was the only one with a stainless wrap. First one did not work at all so had to send it back for another. Got the new one and the door switch was bad, so did not run the motor to dispense ice. Now, in the last 2 weeks, it has quit making ice. Love the looks of the fridge, but so disappointed with the actual space inside...and now I have to call a service person out to look at the ice maker. Does not seem to be any trouble shooting tips anywhere.

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Like dawn8168, I went with the Electrolux in the late fall of 2009 because of the stainless-appearing sides. I went through 4 -- yep, FOUR -- machines before finally receiving one that works as it should.

My first machine was early in the game for Electrolux, and they had tons of problems with the in-door water/ice mechanism. I know they created several upgrade kits to resolve some of the dispenser/ice make problems; dawn8168, definitely call Electrolux and ask about these kits. That may just fix your trouble.

As for me, after my first problem machine -- largely due to the door dispenser mechanism -- I switched to the ice maker in the freezer model. That freed up so much room in the refrigerator, and the freezer still holds more than my chest freezer. I had one of the first machines of this model, and it didn't hold temperature in spite of several service calls. That one was replaced, but the replacement splashed water from the ice maker into the door grooves, which then froze, preventing the freezer door from sealing. Needless to say, we lost a lot of frozen food...

When replacing the ice maker didn't work, I received fridge # 4 -- the current one (also without the dispenser), #4. While I was reluctant to stay with Electrolux, the stainless sides are exposed to my living room, so that look is important to me. (I even looked into having another brand wrapped in stainless with no success.) Finally, I have a machine that works as it should. It holds the temps well, is very quiet, and it makes plenty of ice. I've not had one service call on it.

I can't report on the state of the in-door dispenser today, but I now I do have a positive experience to report with the ice-in-the-freezer drawer model. I was very pleased with Electrolux's response to my problems (although it wasn't without some error), as well as Lowe's willingness to replace the machines (which was faster than Electrolux).

Bottom line, would I recommend the the Electrolux FD fridge? Yes, absolutely, for the model without the in-door ice/water. And, yes, with some hesitation on the model with the dispenser.

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twag1, Regarding the door closing problems: one of the fridges we had had the same problem you describe. That "stile" is adjustable. Since your machine is still under warranty, call and request service. From our experience, we know that definitely can be easily corrected. (And I believe how to adjust it it yourself may be in the manual.) Our current Electrolux FD closes easily, and quietly, regardless of which door you shut first.


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We bought a full depth wave touch FD electrolux in August, 2010 and so far so good. I will say that we've had to call to get the icemaker reprogrammed because it stopped working. Everything else seems to work fine. I can't believe how much capacity it has and love the LED lighting and the incredible freezer compartments. Very efficiently organized. We have no regrets so far.

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I'm looking at the Electrolux FD frig. without dispenser on door. I really like how "solid" the e'lux drawers are and that the deli tray is full extension. All the bad reviews are making me reconsider. Are the 2011 models any more reliable? Any updates?

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We just put in our Electrolux CD two weeks ago. Read about hinge adjustments, and levelling. Chances are it isn't levelled properly. Get the fridge perfectly levelled both fore and aft as well as left/right. Then get the doors evened up. Finally the inner plastic piece on the right door that flips in/out has a screw giving an additional few mm of adjustment up and down. This fixed it for us and took less than 30 minutes.

So far, zero complaints. We went with the 36" counter depth with the ice-maker in the freezer not the door. Makes ice quickly, the fridge is silent. The interior and exterior look great. Couldn't be happier.

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Sue, I'm planning on getting an Electrolux CD FD fridge very soon. After reading the many, many complaints going back several years I came to the conclusion that 99% of them revolve around the water dispenser and ice maker, and probably 90% of those are for the in-door dispensers. I found virtually no complaints at all about the actual refrigerator itself, or at least not enough to make me think there's any sort of chronic problem there. Since I don't want an in-door dispenser anyway it seems like the Elux simply has the best layout and features as you've mentioned.

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I'd have to go look up the model number but, we have the CD FD Electrolux with no spill shelves. We bought it around 9/10 and had it installed this spring. There is NO water OR ice in the door. I think those can be problem areas in any refrigerator.

So far (3-4 months) it's been great. We are quite happy with it.

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I have an Electrolux Refrigerator EW28BS7OIS1 and have a recurring problem of the water in the indoor dispenser freezing and clogging the line. The ice maker is still making ice for the past year after replacing a gear. The repairman has been out several times this past year and replaced a computer board in the back, added insulation around the ice maker, defrosted the water dispenser line but the problem with the water line freezing still persists. I will be calling him back for the 5th time. I do NOT recommend Electrolux FD refrigerators.

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I have an Electrolux & my wife loves the 28 cubic feet. It really holds alot. We have a decent size family. We both work & don't have time for every day grocery/supermarket shopping. My philosophy is always "whats the most i can get into my space" & Electrolux was the best looking. I almost took a Built In Fridge but i got sticker shock. Controls are soooo cool. Best part of it is that you dont have the controls in the fridge. Most fridges have it on top & it takes away for the usability of the top shelf which makes their cu ft even less. This one has in on the side of the door. Good Design is my short description for this one.

If you want to save money on taxes buy it from AJ Madison.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is the one i got!!!

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I recently purchased the Electrolux Icon FD E23BC78IPS6. I bought it with hesitation because of all the bad reviews from the past. I also bought it because my first choice, the Bosch 800 FD series didn't fit through my doors into the kitchen. My space is extremely limited. So I took a leap of faith..

The Icon is beautiful!!! No other company can compare with the inside of the Icon. The details of the LED lights and drawers are amazing.

It was delivered this past Saturday 6/26. After installation, the ice maker didn't work. It never worked. Next, I read about temperature problems. I set my fridge to 33 degrees. The lowest it got was 37 and that's on the bottom shelf. The middle shelf registered 40. So the temperature is off.

I was able to have the appliance store ship me a new one this weekend. I'm hoping the new one will work because, I really want to keep it. But if it's not working properly, it needs to go back.

I was looking at the Viking but since it's made by Whirlpool, the refrigerator was pretty flimsy inside and decided against it.

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We have had this piece of junk for about a year now. The ice maker still does not function properly. We have had 6 visits from a repairman and every part of the ice maker replaced. Still does not work. Do yourself a big favor and DO NOT BUY an Electrojunk appliance.

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LOL, I think this is my 4th post to this thread--we're coming up on one year with the Electrolux non-wavetouch, non-Icon FD refridge and we still like it. No problems with anything, including the icemaker/water. Just thought I'd throw that in, they're not all bad.

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An update on my post from 10/10. Ice maker electronics board (in back of fridge) replaced 3 times, main board (under freezer) replaced once, front "wave touch" panel replaced, motor to control "cubes/crushed" replaced (still didn't fix problem), ice activator arm replaced and a couple of other minor parts in the ice maker replaced. Trying one more replacement of the main board and then we are looking at a complete fridge replacement. I have to say, besides the charades with the ice maker we like the fridge itself. I heard a couple of major retail chains(similar to Home Depot) have stopped carrying Electrolux due to the high return rate.

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Any new reviews of the Electrolux FD? The Ice maker/dispenser is really important to us and I was HOPING that Electrolux was aware of the problem and had fixed with newer models. We are considering the IQ Touch EI28BS56IS and Wave Touch EW28BS71IS (still trying to figure out the difference between IQ Touch and Wave Touch). I love the styling and we are using the Electrolux All Fridge and All Freezer in the main kitchen.

If these are not an option, any suggestions for a high end standard depth French Door with an external water/ice dispenser?

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I am interested in purchasing the Electorlux Refridgerator
model EI27Bs167s Stainless steel.

I wanted know if anyone has this and if they found any problems with it.

Thank you

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Another poster wondering if anyone out there can update some reviews. Has E-lux addressed the icemaker issues? I'm looking at the Electrolux IQ-Touch Series EI23BC36I.


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Garbage . Ice maker and electronics are horrible. Mine has been repaired five times and the last repair did not fix it. Set the temp at 37 but fridge has decided it wants to stay at 26. Causing the sodas to freeze and explode.
Have lost all our food three times.
Do not buy this. Our Electrolux washer and dryer have been terrific. All appliances purchase less than two years ago.

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Hi Deedles! We have the model that you are looking at. If you go way back up this thread, you will see our story. I am happy to report that the second unit we received is working fine outside of some condensation issues in the veggie drawers occasionally. It is fairly quiet, looks nice and stores lots of food in both sections. I do recommend the frig, but I would purchase it from a company that believes in customer service. Tho with the posting of their rep a few messages up from this, I believe Eluxe finally realized that they needed to be more pro-active than they were when we first got our frig.

What sold us on this frig besides the size, was the drawers are enclosed and there are no holes thus making it much easier to control the humidity.

We do not use the ice maker in the freezer still. And as I have noted before, please make sure the path to, and the space in front of the frig location are big enough for the frig to pass thru. ;)

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Another update -(Background we purchased the CD FD ice maker in 12/09. Started having problems with the ice maker 8/10. ) Now (2/12), Electrolux finally approved a complete fridge replacement. I think the replacement units have a more traditional ice maker.

We do like the fridge, other than the quality of the ice maker. We purchased it because it had the water and ice in the door and flexible freezer bins (the whole point of going to the the FD model from a side-to-side was to have more flexibility in the freezer...re cookie trays, etc).

We also have the Electrolux double oven, induction cooktop and dishwasher. We love all those units. Although I have heard there may be some problems with the weld joints on the bottom of the dishwasher that results in water leakage.

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Hi... . Sorry for the length, but if you are considering an Electrolux purchase, I hope you take the time to read this. Let me start by saying I don't usually write detailed posts/reviews. I generally leave a comment if I really LOVE a product, but I have to be pushed beyond reason to leave a negative comment. Having said, that, we built a new home in 2010, and I pestered my husband to spend the extra cash to get the entire suite of Electrolux appliances. When we built our first home, about 12 years ago, we purchased the Frigidaire Gallery series. He wanted to stick with that brand, as they were rock solid appliances, and we had no issues with them at all. How I wish I had listened to him. I will start with the double wall oven. I was using the top oven only from September of 2010 to Thanksgiving (no particular reason, I just didn't cook any big dinners) and I thought it was awfully noisy. There was a loud convection sound that never went away, even when the oven reached the set temperature. I just figured...OK its loud, but I'll have to live with it. I wasn't about to rip out a newly installed oven because it was noisy. Plus I absolutely LOVED those easy glide racks! I did expect an adjustment period, so when I burned the first few things, I sort of wrote it off as an oops...maybe this oven just cooks faster than my old one. After burning EVERY dish I made, I stuck 3 different thermometers in there and found it was 30-50 degrees above the set temp. And still extremely loud. So when I finally got around to using the lower oven, I found that after reaching proper temperature, the sound went off. And the thermometer that I put in the lower oven was pretty close to the set temperature. Apparently, the top oven has been stuck in the convection mode since day one...which explains why it is so loud. By this time, all of the racks had lost their nice smooth coat (I assume from cooking constantly in convection) and that lovely smooth glide feature (that partially sold me on the oven) were shot...completely shot. The bearings don't work and I actually have to tug, side to side, to get the racks out. I asked for new racks in addition to whatever repairs were necessary. The bottom oven racks were still OK. The cook top: We have the 36" hybrid cook top, and after a few months, it would suddenly stop working, flashing an F error code. If I let is sit for anywhere from a few hours to a day, it would start working again. But I never know when it will simply shut down. That puts a serious hamper on cooking on the holidays. I called the company, and was told that code indicated an internal problem with the "mother board", and that it would need to be replaced. The refrigerator (while it is nice and roomy) has not made ice after the first 8 months, and the water has never come out cold. It's barely room temperature. The handles on the drawers in the freezer have fallen off, and the draws frequently get stuck. My freezer is spotless...nothing to gum up the glides. Several of the small plastic shelf brackets have snapped off. The final straw? This morning, the microwave, one of only two only appliances that I have not yet had a problem with, just quit all together. I checked the breaker, and the outlet. No problems there. Just dead. I have had two separate electricians here to make sure the wiring was not faulty, given all of the issues, and the wiring is fine. The microwave stove and oven are all on dedicated circuits. Now we get to the so called "Electrolux "Support". I called to report the problems. I won't include the microwave, as it is outside the "warranty" period, but it's still only a year and a half old. The dishwasher is insanely quiet and still working well, so no complaints about that one item. I called to report the problems with the refrigerator, cook top and oven when they were maybe 9 or 10 months old. At that point the cook top was not working at all. They said they would send one person each for each appliance. Now, being a working mom, I can't take three days off to wait for three separate servicemen. That was ridiculous. So, after several more phone calls, they found someone nearby, and claimed he would be out with two weeks. Two weeks? Without a stove? That is really a long time to wait with 2 kids under the age of 6. But I didn't really have any say in the matter, and no amount of begging and pleading on my part helped. Of course, no one called or showed up. About 6 calls and 3 months later, an authorized serviceman from All American Appliance, out of Monroe, CT arrived. He looked at each appliance and determined that cook top and the oven needed new computers, and he was going to order some parts for the fridge. He claimed it could take two weeks for the parts to arrive. I waited three, figuring he must be busy. I called his office about 4 times over the next week. Only after I called Electrolux did he finally return my call. He was very apologetic and basically said my order had "slipped through the cracks", and he had forgotten to place it all together. I was frustrated, but mistakes happen, and I tend to be pretty easy going and patient. So I agreed to wait for the parts and his call. He claimed he was going to order my parts and he would be back to our house in two or three weeks. Again, a month later, I called the office several times. The woman at the office remembered me, and told me she was doing to give Dave a call, as he was not in the office. I waited a few days and called her back. She claimed she had no record of his visit, and he didn't remember ever coming here. Turns out the service man "Dave" that had come out initially is the owner of the company. No order, no parts, she has suddenly never heard of me. I called Electrolux, absolutely fuming at this point. They said they were having difficulty finding someone authorized in my area. I filed a report with Electrolux about the "authorized" repair company that had been giving me the run around. Basically, they don't want to bothered repairing the appliances, and I told Electrolux as much. I refused to waste any more time with this guy Dave from All American. I asked that Electrolux find a reputable repair man and get this taken care of. I told the rep that I have had to buy a rice cooker, and one of those plug-in cook tops to make meals when I have a $2000 cook-top sitting there, useless! It's been over a year now that I have been trying to get these issues resolved. Then, the Electrolux rep told me that, since it has been more than a year, the warranty has expired. WHAT???? I just about lost it right there, but I calmly and firmly explained that No, I initiated a service claim well within the warranty period, and due to the incompetence of both the repair company and Electrolux, I have been waiting for repairs for more than a year. They retracted that statement pretty quickly, and said they would get a different company to come out. Electrolux called a few days later with another company. A new rep left the name and number of All American Appliance!!! I'm not sure what I am going to do now. I most definitely am NOT calling All American Appliance again, so I can waste another 9 months??? The idea of having to get an attorney to get new appliances just makes me feel...tired. I could send this post to the CEO, but really, is he going to care? I'm just one person. I'm a nurse, so customer satisfaction is my number one priority, even though it's not likely I will ever see the same patient again. They should take note. I would love any suggestions/ideas on what I should do next. If 30+ hours of phone calls (and I'm not kidding) haven't resolved it, should I resign myself to getting an attorney? I don't have another ten grand to shell out to replace all of my appliances...and now that I have taken the time to write this post, I have a good mind to copy and post it everywhere I can think of!

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i'd have to agree with Soozienurse for most part. Very disappointed with Electrolux Appliances which we bought in a complete kitchen re-do summer 2010 - so it's been 2yrs. Same French Door fridge with Ice Maker issues (EW23BC71IS3) - 5 Service visits and 2 full ice maker replacements - last of which I Paid for out of pocket and thing still doesn't work properly or much at all. Repair shop admitted Electrolux's design was flawed but thinks mine is Lemon. Dishwasher is extremely noisy and i had to wedge in a block of wood internal to get vibration to stop. Doesn't clean worth a darn and never did - have to get dishes clean before they enter. And Dual fuel slide-in range - gas top and electric oven - has been decent, but takes at least 17-20min, to heat to 350F, so no such thing as quickly popping in a pizza. I paid Large premium for Electrolux appliances over similar stainless top other brands and have been disappointed in quality and workmanship. I've had an Electrolux vacuum and it's the best thing ever built, but i was apparently too early in the game in jumping into their appliances. Hope they've improved.

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Does anyone have any info or feedback about this model: EI28BS80KS...I am supposed to look at one for sale used today, but am looking to be as informed as possible!


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We have the Electrolux Icon Professional french door fridge, counter depth w/out ice maker in the door and are very happy with it. In terms of performance, would certainly recommend the brand/fridge. We opted to go sans ice/water dispenser as they are notoriously faulty, regardless of brand.

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I have a EI23BC51I, french door fridge without dispenser. i bought it a year ago but due to delays in remodel it wasn't inbstalled until 2 months ago. now all the LED lights in the
fridge and the bottom freezer do not come on. and the door
alarm isn't working any more. since it's out of warranty i'm looking at very expensive repair bill. o yeah, my vote is a big NO to Electrolux.

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OMG!! this really sound like nightmares!! Soo sad to hear your stories :( we just bought a new house and hubby and I are looking for appliances to buy. Electrolux have a store/showroom next to our house. We've checked it first and everything looked soo beautiful, classy and good quality that my husband wanted to buy everything then and there but I wanted to shop around and read reviews. sooooo happy I did. I don't think I'm going back. Thanks for sharing your stories.

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Soozienurse, what finally happened with your appliances? I rather think they should pay for your additional expenses PLUS replace everything.

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