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MichelleDTMarch 14, 2012

We just received word back that the Architecture Review Board will not approve our planned dark bronze roof and we must limit to no more than 25% of the total roof. We will now use the metal as accents and concrete or clay tiles for the majority of the roof.

I have looked at Borol and Westile and can't find a color that will look good with the metal accents and our stone. Dark Bronze alum windows and doors...contemporary home so shake shingle style won't look right.

Any ideas on companies or colors I should look at it. Very bummed as the metal roof was perfect for the home.

Exterior Colors:


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I remember the plans of your gorgeous contemporary Prairie/Craftsman home and I don't think I'd take No for an answer.
I can't picture your home with those low rooflines with anything other than a dark standing seam metal roof.
Could you have your architect help you with an appeal of the review board?

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What was the reason for the disapproval? Perhaps someone here can suggest some alternatives that will satisfy them.

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Bottom line, no more than 25% metal even though ARB calls out metal as OK. We are one of the last to build in a small gated community of 50 so we think they just don"t wont us to be the the only metal roof in the group of clay and cement. Not happy but.....

I need to find a slate tile roof in bronze color...

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Anyone out there doing a dark bronze colored concrete or terracotta slate tile roof?

Please and thanks.

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