I need cleaning HELP!

Joe_SApril 18, 2011

First off, I am glad I found this forum as I have already found some great advice.

I am sort of a neat freak, but admittedly a novice at cleaning, and I need some serious help. With the current economic climate, I have assumed the role of the house-husband, which has gotten me more hands on when it comes to cleaning the house. The problem is, I have no idea what products to use on certain things.

If anyone could help me fill the blanks, on what YOUR preferred product/tool is for cleaning the given area. I am going to list what I am currently doing, and if you see something I can do better PLEASE help me..lol

1. Tile- Any tips here, for keeping tile clean/dust/hair free, and what tools are best? I have been dust mopping(rubbermade) mid week, and vacuuming/wet mopping once a week on cleaning day. When wet mop I use water, and a cap full of rubbing alcohol. Any tips and tricks here, or better mops/dust mops would be appreciated. I feel like I could be missing something in this area.

2. Granite counters- I have been using alcohol/water mix, with micro-fiber cloth

3. Acrylic/Faux stone showers. What do you use post showering to keep things clean? What do you use for weekly cleaning?

4. Bathroom counters/chrome faucets- Not sure what to use here

5. Wood furniture- I am lost here as well.

6. I have plantation shutters. I have been using a swifter duster. It is pretty time consuming, but not sure there is anything better.

7. Base boards. What do you use to clean baseboards?

Thanks for any help.

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Answer to number 6 and 7 wont save you time but it is the best method, Vaucuum vacuum vacuum, dusting and swifting just throws most of the dust back up in the air.
For most everything else, I use a steam cleaner(not wood on wood furniture).. Steam cleaning kills germs and bacteria and uses no chemicals.

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Agree on the vacuum. Or a damp cloth.

Go to your local library and get either "Home Comforts" by Cheryl Mendelson or Martha Stewart's "Home Keeping Handbook"

Btw, vinegar is another choice for tile and counters. Don't use it on the wood though unless you know what finish it is - acidic things aren't good for certain wood finishes. Same goes for alcohol - it will basically dissolve a shellac finish.

To clean baseboards: I vacuum using the crevice tool first. Once a month or so, I wipe them down - a bucket of hot water with a splash of Mrs Meyers all-purpose cleaner (my cleaner of choice, it's smells divine and works like a dream, Method Diluteable Cleaner is also nice. A little goes a long way with both of them, so they're more economical than you'd think.) Avoid Murphy's Oil Soap like the plague.

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Thanks for the tips. Which vacuum attachment would you recommend for the shutters? I didn't think that would pull the dust off.

They don't get overly dusty as I do them every week also.

I will try the vacuum for the baseboards too.

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Do you have a little dusting brush attachment?

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I think so. I have the one that came with my Vacuum. Maybe I will look into getting this one though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dyson Soft Dusting Brush

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A hand held steamer is good for sanitizing. As for wood furniture, I never spray furniture polish on the wood; spray a little on a microfiber cloth & dust your furniture (I like the Guardsman no wax). As for cleaning blinds, shutters, ceiling fans & baseboard, the California Dusters work great (I have a large & small one)purchased mine at an auto supply store (but I think Walmart has them as well).

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Thanks for giving these nice cleaning tips and suggestions so that every one could get help.

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