Polypropylene Rug... Can I hose it down? or am I dreaming?

koala_emApril 7, 2006

I have this nice rug in Polypropylene rug... only thing is over the last year the kids/pets have put little stains on it and it's looking like it needs a freshen up.

I am loathe to pay big bucks for a carpet cleaning company to clean it if I can DIY...

I have this idea of dragging it out onto the clothes line scrubbing it with a little washing powder and water mixed together then hosing it down and leaving it to dry in the sun.

Am I dreaming? Is there a better way? perhaps hire a carpet cleaning machine?

What do you think? The carpet is about 7' x 10'.


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Have you looked under the rug for a care tag to see if it is washable with water?

At 7x10 wet, it could break your clothesline. Do you have a clean, sunny spot on the driveway or a patio table or something else to drape it over to dry?

What's the worst thing that could happen? You could ruin it? Then buy a new one? Is that acceptable? If so, go for it.

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It will depend on the backing....
I have hosed down a poly propolene rug.....sprayed it with 409....let it soak for a few minutes and then hit it with the hose!. Mine was a runner.
Polypropolene is amazing, it just doesn't hold water....runs rignt out....I put mine on the slanted part of the drive, let most of the water run out then draped it over a couple of lawn chairs to dry.
I have also done that with a wool dhurrie and with an oriental I got at an auction for little of nothing that was a mess! Also did that with a braided rug...but the colors ran and I tossed it.
Linda C

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Hmmm... good point about the weight when it's wet. Especially since I have a bad shoulder. I do have a table setting... so that's probably better- plus it's closer to the house.
The tag fell off (it was a sticker type one) but I am sure I stuck it onto a piece of paper and filed it in the filing cabinet. Must go searching.

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You can lay it on concrete, hose it good, pour detergent and water on it, and sweep it around if need be, rinse really well, then pour on fabric softener mixed in water, a heavy concentration, rinse again, drape over a fence or porch rail to dry for a couple of days. It will smell wonderful. You can also use Clorox if need be, I saw that on TV and have used it on area rug fringe that was stained, and on a lighter runner rug. Marty

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I did not have a good expeience

I tried it outsideon a cheap berber rug (not wool, maybe nylon maybe polypro) n a 7 x 10 size. I have a hoover carpet cleaner and started with that. Did not take out the stains so I hosed it down, was in the 60s temp. It would not dry and by the time it did it was overnight and smelled bad so I tossed. It was very heavy when wet

I also tried using the carpet machine on a polypropelene rug indoors, an oriental. I put plastic under to protect my floors. I noticed it started getting stretched in the areas that were cleaned and its a mostly burgundy rug but I see a lot of navy in the burgundy which I did not notice before. ALthough I used it in a darker room before. All in all I will probably not try to clean this again. If it were a small runner that is different

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Take it outside and put it on your driveway and make up a solution of Dawn and brush it on with a broom, using the broom to really clean dirt spots.

Do not use fabric softeners which are either silicone but most often animal fats. Which means they are oily and will attract more dirt. Let it dry by flopping it over a deck railing or an out door table.
Poly will be washable and most backings, if there are any, should be ok even if they are cotton because the poly will keep them stretched. I also clean oriental rugs this way, but they must be vegetable dyed or they will run badly.

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