Please suggest a regimen and tools/supplies for DUST

gardenwebberApril 9, 2009

Hi everyone! I don't know if its because I've been spring cleaning and have kicked up a lot of dust or what, but I have been miserable for weeks. My house suddenly seems so dusty - the furniture, the floors, the wooden blinds, all of it. My nose is constantly itchy, and my throat even gets scratchy from time to time from all this dust.

We did a large renovation last year, and I am sure we are still experiencing side effects from that, as well.

I am wondering what you all do for dust. How often do you dust, what do you do, what tools do you like, what cleaners do you prefer? I am thinking of buying a Dyson and hoping that will help. I have read many reviews where people have said that using a Dyson regularly cut down on their dust overall by a lot. Seems too good to be true, but I am willing to try it.

We have one pet - a cat. So I suppose there is a dander/pet hair issue along with the dust.

We can't afford a cleaning lady, so I am looking for tips to upgrade my own regimen instead.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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First off, check your furnace may need changing.

I have all sorts of dusters, lambs wool, static feather, micro fiber etc. The key, I think, is once you get it all dusted up, go over it once or twice a week so it doesn't accumulate.

When we had our floors redone we had alot of concrete dust to deal with. It took a few vacumings and dustings to finally get it all.

You may have seasonal allergies or be alergic to the cat ( that's pretty common) you can get furnace filters for that too.

Good luck, and happy dusting!

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I use a few hepa filters when the house is closed up and amazingly almost no dust. Used to have to dust computer off alot... not now. Wish it would work for kitchen floor crumbs.

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Using a Dyson will cut down on dust, but so will other vacuums made today. It is not just the Dyson.

What also helps is to dust and vacuum everything. Because my home is "kepted up", I do not have an accumulation of dust and dirt. I also do not have to spend alot of time on it.

Increase your regimen. So if you are only vacuuming once every two weeks, you need to at least do it once a week. If you have animals, you might want to increase it to twice a week. During the middle of the week, you could just vacuum the major areas that you are living in like the Living room.

The same goes for dusting. Dust once a week, unless your home gets really dusty.

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If you have a good filter on your furnace/air conditioning system -- use it. If you turn your air or heat off at night or open the windows, you're not getting the benefit of your system's filter. It has to run to work. When we replaced our heating and air system a few years ago, they told us to set the thermostat/timer so that the fan is running even when the room temperature is maintained. That way the filtering system is still doing it's job.
If you had a lot of construction dust, you might want to clean your carpets and/or duct work, if you haven't already. That way you won't be recirculating old dust.
We have a lot of dust in this mountain desert area, and once a week dusting doesn't work for me. It works best (as I hate cleaning house) to take a room a day to vacuum/dust thoroughly. It seems less tedious than having to do it all at once. The kitchen floor is a different story -- it should be vacuumed every day and will be when I find the right stick vacuum.

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I love my Dysons, but I believe a Dyson is overkill if you don't have wall-to-wall carpeting.

For cleaning, I like microfiber cloths. I moisten them slightly and they pick up everything. I just bought a bag of them at Costco - in bulk they run about 50 cents each. Do a search on this forum the word microfiber - people rave about them.

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Also, you might need to have your vents cleaned. Pop off some of your covers and have a look down there.

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We live on a dirt road and are in the process of a major remodel/add-on. We're in the new room now, but the rest of the front part of the house is under "construction." We're walking on concrete floors except the bedrooms. The dust from the new addition is still settling.

I have all the latest dusting supplies too, and you know what I did last week because I was sick and tired of the dust just moving around? I used Pledge. I haven't used it in years, but I was tired of the dust moving from one surface to another!

I haven't tried wetting a micro-fiber cloth except on glass. I'm afraid water may hurt the wood furniture. I'll give it a try though, as long as I don't get it too wet. :)

I also bought a Dyson Slim, just to use on the new wood and tile floors. I don't want any of the old dust from my old vacuum to make it's way into the new part of the house. Crazy, I know. I used it today for the first time and I noticed it didn't "blow" the dog hair like my other vacuum did when I approached it. I like it!

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