St Patricks Table

phonegirlMarch 9, 2012

This is all the St Paddy's decor for this year. I took most of my decor to the office and we've been enjoying it since Valentines day. Brought home the little lads, clovers, beads, coins and garland from the office to use for a change on my table. Kinda nice to be able to trade back and forth.

The lg wht plates and salad plates are Everyday Gibson from a ys. Rec'd the Gr & wht plates for Christmas. They are Portobello by Inspire. I found the clover ornaments I put in my sm pedestal cloches after Christmas at Target. Placed a St Pat's hair tie and hat from DP to add a little bling to them.

I'm planning on doing a BDay table for a friend so will be changing this one out this weekend. Who knows, I may have more to share before the weekend is over.LOL


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NOOOO, you can't change it already!! I LoVe it!!
I really, really LOVE it! So I'm just going to keep looking at the photo and PRETEND you didn't change it till AFTER St Paddy's. So there, LOL.

Seriously, its just wonderful down to every last detail.
hugs, Karen

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Realy neat Punk, and I love that you have such a perfect green/white tablecloth even. I agree with Karen, it's too pretty to take down--can't it be used for the birthday????


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Karen and Luvs, thanks for all your sweet comments. I only get to use this tc once a year so glad you enjoyed it again. After reading your comments, I think I will leave this table set for the BDay dinner. We eat at the bar most of the time any way.

It was 68 here today so I should go soak up some sun while we have it instead of redoing the table. I also want to attend a play Sat. evening. Our installers DD has the lead role so can't miss it. She plays the violin and sings so it will be wonderful.

Thanks again, Punk

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WOOOOOO HOOOOO...its staying!

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This is such a festive table, Punk.
I'm glad it's staying too.
Your tc is perfect,
The coins on the chargers look cool.
I love the center piece and the shamrocks hanging from the lamps on the buffet.
Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned.

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Oh gosh, it must be the luck of the Irish to get up on Sat morn & see these St. Paddy's Day posts! I'm with all the Holiday-ers above & am happy you are keeping this t'scape up for's delightful!

You are so creative, punk, using those tiny green hats in the cloches & on the upside down glassware on each place setting (all that added bling!) Plus the coins on the salad plate and the glass stems w/candles & more St Paddy Day decor! All the stemware is beautiful! Esp the big glass container you used for the centerpc! & all the added stems & Leprechauns! WOW! That is just gorgeous all by itself!

Double napkin colors & lime green flatware sure add to the celebration! All the candlelight (a trademark for your tables!)...just love it! Looks like it would be a great table for your b'day friend, too! Here's my toast to you, punk, while sitting at your table: "May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night." TFS! Jeanne S.

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Karen, your so fun lady!

Nana, thanks, I picked up the lg green bowl while out ys last summer. Frou has so many pretty pieces of the different colors and this made me think of her when I spotted it. Glad you liked it.

BTW, where is Frou??? Anyone heard from her?

Jeanne, thanks so much for the toast and ALL your comments.

You ladies don't miss anything. Nana noticed the shamrocks on the lamps and Jeanne you noticed the upside down sherbets. It's comments like these that makes one realize how much we love to look!

Thanks again and I will be back later.


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Love your festive table, Punk! Makes me want to get up a jig!

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Thanks Kathleen. After reading your post made me think of your picture w/the little leprechaun suit you shared one year with us. Hope you share your table with us soon.


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So I realize this is along shot and you probably aren't even checking this thread anymore, but ...

Phonegirl, by any chance would you consider selling those green and white plates by "portobello by inspire"? That is my everyday plate and when I bought them at Homegoods I was only able to get 3. I love the pattern and I thought I was so lucky to get them for $3 each and that I'd be able to find more at a different homegoods/Marshall's/TJMaxx. I'm desperate for more, but I can't find them anywhere. If you don't really use them anymore or your ready for something new, please consider selling them to me. Or I could trade you some new Crate and Barrel Plates in the perfect shade of green for your holiday table.

If interested, just click on my user name and send me an email. You have that feature disabled on your account so I can't contact you.

Thanks for considering!

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