How to clean tv screen,black plastic on gas stove

gran5April 8, 2014

what do you use on a new tv screen to clean, I have a cigarette smoker in the house.

also the black plastic or whatever material it is with the clock etc on the back of the gas cook stove, get grease splatters.

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As far as the new TV goes it should tell you in the manual. Usually I just use a dry soft cloth to clean it with. There is nothing but dust on it.

For the stove if you can't get it off with soap and water I would lay a very hot washcloth on it to soften the grease/food spots. Then try soap and water again, right away.

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I am a smoker, with 3 flat screens, and trust me it is not dust! It's nicotine! I use Endust for Electronics with a damp microfiber cloth. Wet the cloth and wring it out until it is almost dry. If U have weak wrists, wrap the cloth in a dish towel, just be certain that it is just damp. Spray with the Endust Spray. This is the Electronics spray, not the dusting spray. All of the brown will come off. Repeat the steps until U get a clean cloth when wiping dry. The color will B much brighter.

As far as the stove panel goes, pre heat the oven for an hour @ 500 or wait until U self clean. Gas stoves vent the oven at the back of the cook top, just beneath the control panel. This heats the control panel and it softens those grease blebs. When softened, they should come off with a mico-fiber cloth with a little Greased Lightning. This is a damp cloth, not dripping. If U let the moisture run 2 the bottom of the panel it will blow it out and it's around $400 to replace. My X just blew her's out as she has never cleaned in her life. I cleaned the back splash every night, after dinner. She had let it go 4 5 years.

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So called "bleach wipes" cut grease on my stove. I use them for a quick clean up when company is coming because my stove is the first thing you see coming in the back door.

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Gran5, I hope ths isn't too late. My husband smokes cigars in our family room, which is also where most of his TV watching is.

I take two micro fiber clothes. One I wet and wring out as much as I possibly can. I then wipe half the screen down with that then immediately wipe it with the dry cloth, then repeat on the other side. I also clean the back of the TV the same way. We have four flat screens and I do this with all of them, as well as my computer monitor, my desktop tower, the laptop and my tablet. As etennine said, if you have a smoker then there's nicotine on the screen which also collects and holds the dust in the air.

You also need to make sure that your screen/TV is cool. Don't do this on a screen that is turned on and hot. You definitely don't want water (or anything else) running down the screen or you can ruin it, so make sure you squeeze as much water out of the damp cloth and immediately wipe it dry. I do this about once a week and do rinse and wring the wet cloth out before going to the next thing to dust. I also keep a ton of micro fiber clothes for switching out to a clean one.

Due to allergies I rarely use store purchased cleaners on furniture and this damp/dry method is the way I dust my wood or glass furniture. Works like a charm for me and hopefully it will for you as well. I know some people will cringe at me saying that I use water (well squeezed) to dust but I've been doing this for over 30 years and my furniture has never been harmed. It's never hurt the finishes and works better (to me, at least) than a dry dusting, which IMHO just pushes dust around.


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use a little baking soda on a damp cloth and then dry completely to a shine.

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