black stove top

lucymullisApril 13, 2010

I have read all the posts about cleaning this. This is my first glass stove top and I hate it so far. It's a real pain to keep clean. The info on how to do it is very mixed. I heard you cannot use water to clean it?? The stove top cleaners I have (cermabryte) don't say. Can you?? Any advice??

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Most of the time I just use Fantasic spray cleaner and a dish cloth and then rinse wiht clean water. At times using a single edge razor blade to scrape up encrusted material is helpful. If you use a scratchy sponge only use the blue kind (doesn't scratch glass but green/yellow kinds will). Water and normal dish soap will also work though it may leave streaks. If that bothers you, then use a window cleaner as a final effort.

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It took me a while to figure things out. They don't give you much info anywhere. At first I hated mine too. Now that I have found out the cleaning trick I love it.

Try the valida scrunge. I swear by it for cleaning mine. You use it with plain water and the coarse side, it takes off all those burnt on bits. You may think that it is too coarse and will scratch, but it doesn't. I wipe it with the smooth side. Then I go over it with a micro cloth. If that leaves streaks then I use a dime sized drop of cleaner like cerama bright or weimans ceramic and glass cleaner and a paper towel and shine it up, but always finish with the micro cloth

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I should have said Valida glass and ceramic scrunge. They do have several kinds so make sure it is for glass and ceramic. I don't know about yours but mine came with a warning not to use window cleaner.

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I have had mine for several years now and love it. It looks like new. I clean it after use. I wipe off all the excess grease or whatever happens to be on it first. I pour some cremebrite on the tough spots and smear it around and let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Go back with a soft scratcher and wipe with a dish towel. Paper towels leave it smeared.. If it is smeared I go back with something like fantastic and wipe again with a soft towel. The guy at the store told me to never use windex.. The soft towels seems to be the trick for me.


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For really tough spots I take a scraper and get the chunks off. Then I sprinkle on some Bon Ami cleanser and use a damp dish scrubbie-sponge. For everyday cleaning I just use the scrubbie and hot soapy water. It's showing some signs of wear but it's also 13 years old.

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