Oven liner

lodaladyApril 20, 2013

it is time to replace the oven liner in my self cleaning electric oven. It was put there as a preventative measure, and I am so glad it was there. Back in the day, my grandmother put tin foil in the bottom of her oven. Do I remeber this correctly, and do you line the bottom of your oven? What do you use? What is the cheapest best liner?

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I use foil but only when I put a pizza on the racks.

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I use a one piece non-stick oven liner made of coated fiberglass and you can easily remove it and wipe spills off the surface and use it for years. Many brands can also be put in the dishwasher for cleaning, although I've never done that. The prices vary from around $7 to $20. Check kitchen stores, and kitchenware departments of most stores, or Amazon.com.

BTW, I don't think all makes and models of electric ovens recommend using aluminum foil or the sturdy foil oven trays that are available for lining ovens as a liner, so check your user manual or call the manufacturer help line for guidance.

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I have a non-stick oven liner now, but, duh, I never thought to try cleaning it. Good idea Grainlady!

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I no longer use liners. I had an aluminum one from the store and it started to smoke! I guess something got spilled and burned underneath.I'm careful about mopping up spills that occur. And I always use a tray or baking sheet in when I cook anything in the oven.

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Thanks for the tip grainlady I will check that out. I don't know why I worry about pizza dripping, I can clean the over by a simple turn of the knob. LOL

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