Certainteed Impressions Price Compared to Hardi Plank?

DCRangerMarch 11, 2012

Looking at siding now and wondering the general price differences between Certainteed Impressions or Hardi-Plank. Anyone have experience? 2500 s.f 1-story.

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We are considering Certainteed Impressions, too. I noticed today on their website that in their list of siding products, it is the highest priced with four dollar signs....$$$$. In an early talk with our builder, when I mentioned this product, he whistled...never a good sign!

I can't address your question, but should future maintenance be a part of the cost considerations? Doesn't HardiPlank have to painted every so often?

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This is not exactly the data you are looking for, but we compared Smartside with Certainteed Impessions. The Certainteed was an upgrade of $5,000 for our house. We ended up with the Certainteed (which we love) because I just didn't like the colors of the Smartside at the time. Since then, they've come out with some better colors.

Our builder has had some problems with HardiPlank company honoring their warranty, so he steered us away from them. Unfortunately, I don't know the details of that warranty problem. But many on this forum use it without problems, at least that I'm aware of.

Good luck, that is a very pretty ranch home.

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Dc, like the exterior of your house. Any interior floor plans that we can see? Thanks

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aries61 - Sorry for the delayed response. Here's the plan, although there were a few minor changes, but you get the idea. We break ground in 3 weeks or so.

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