Bread wrapper stuck to top of toaster oven

socksApril 6, 2009

I just HAD to do it...let a bread wrapper melt on top of the toaster oven! Managed to scrape the worst off while the oven was still warm. Is there any way to remove what's left without damaging the finish of the oven?

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i dunno....
How To Remove Melted Plastic From Toaster

-Dab nail polish remover on a cloth, then rub away the plastic
-Dab WD40 on a cloth, then rub away plastic
-Try rubbing alcohol on a cloth, then scrub away plastic
-Heat toaster again until plastic is soft, unplug toaster then firmly wipe off plastic with a damp cloth. Wash out the cloth then lightly sprinkle on some baking soda while cloth is still wet* and rub gently over remaining plastic residue to remove. *Wring out excess first¨ you don¡¯t want dripping water.
-mother the plastic in petroleum jelly, set for a minute, then wipe off
After removing the melted plastic, wash area well with a hot soapy cloth to remove any remaining cleaner residue.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Try De-Solv-it. There's a regular and a professional grade. It's a citrus solution and pretty safe, I suppose. I got mine at Ace, but you can probably get both types at HD or Lowes. I think the regular strength in available in grocery stores. Don't be too quick to scrape it off; let the solution do it's job and gently work it around with your finger. I've never used it on melted plastic, but it's worked for me a other things that nothing else came close to removing. Good luck!

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I'd trest a small test spot with acetone nail polish remover.

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