Pros and cons of my GE induction range

marc_iaApril 12, 2010

I obsessed about induction as opposed to the duel fuel I had planned on and you all were helpful. I thought I would let you know how I like it after a couple months.

Pros: The best feature - cleanup is the easiest imaginable. Even a boil over doesn't stick or make a mess. Its fast. And, when you turn it off it is off - except for my heavy highest quality stainless pan which keeps cooking. The oven is great and is the most even heating oven I have owned in a while.

Cons: I miss the flame. I hate the buzz - only with certain cookware on certain higher levels of heat, but still.... I had a terrible time finding a new skillet contrary to what some said was easy. (I didn't want to spend a whole lot ) I hate that I can't use my teapot or any of my corning ware. So now I can no longer cook spaghetti sauce etc. in my corningware and put the leftovers in the refrig and later take it out and heat it on the stove all in the same container. I have to cook it in a pan - put it in a refrig container, take it out - put it in a pan etc. One day I was cooking something in a double boiler and the water boiled away so fast...never had that happen before. Now my pan is blue inside and the top of my range has some marks on that burner site which I haven't been able to get off yet. Be careful of that. It heats fast and there is a little bit of a learning curve. I am still unsure if the pros outweigh the cons for me. I do love the cleanup which is basically nonexistant. Also, I didn't realize that the back and front burner work on the same power source so you can't have them both on high at the same time. I would rarely do that but it could be an inconvenience.

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"Blue spots" inside stainless cookware caused by overheating can usually be removed or reduced over time by simmering some vinegar in the pot for a short time (5-10 min) then letting it cool down. With a brushed internal finish, a bit of the hot vinegar plus stainless cleaner worked into a paste using a scrubbie with rubber gloves to beat the heat still present during cooling will speed things up.

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"Also, I didn't realize that the back and front burner work on the same power source so you can't have them both on high at the same time."
I'm considering either an induction range or cooktop and have not heard this. Is this true of all induction ranges or just GE (which I'm strongly considering).

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Most induction cooktops do have some sort of "power sharing" arrangement. You just need to read the manuals to find out what it is for each brand and what the limitations are. Given that I can't remember the last time I had all 4 burners going on high on my current range, I decided that it was not a deal breaker for me to not have that capability on the new cooktop.

Viking is one that does not have any power sharing and also has 6 burners.


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My Kenmore has power sharing (left side/right side). It has never been an issue for me. The only time I use the back burners anyway is to boil pasta or potatoes.

Sounds like a lot of your issues are with the pots and pans more than with the stove. For the record, I didn't even know you could put corningware on a stove burner! I'd probably just use the microwave anyway to reheat spag sauce.

What kind of skillet are you looking for? I have an All-Clad non-stick 12" skillet that I use almost everyday on my stove -- it was pricey ($100) but I love that pan so much. My stove also came with a Kemore non-stick (SS on the outside) 10" skillet that is very nice. I would buy more of the Kenmore skillets if I needed them.

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I have the GE Induction as well. My pros definately outweigh the cons.

Pro: how fast it boils water.
Pro: the consistency of the heat. 5 on one burner equals 5 on another. I can move things from one burner to the next, which I do when I am cooking and start one item, and then when I start the next I move the first item to a back burner at the exact same heat.
Pro: that when I turn down the heat, or up the heat, I get an immediate response that I can titrate -- I've learned that I need to "up" the burner a specific number to make it do what I want it to do.
Pro: I bake everything on convection, the oven is large and heats ups reasonably fast for a large oven.
Pro: love that I can shut the oven off after a specific time (DS doesn't always follow directions when I go for my walk and he is playing WOW or whatever teen age boys play that involve guns, tanks, armaments).
Pro: love the warming drawer. Do wish it were a tad bigger, but not at the expense of the oven.
Cons: the marks my fingers leave on the control panel
cons: you can't adjust the controls with gloves on -- and if your fingertips are dusty with flour, it's likely the pad won't respond.
con: I do wish the back left burner was the same size as the front right burner.

insignificant: power-sharing and the radiant warming zone.

I have a set of Henckel's Clad, and I really like them, and the Circulon Infinite is OK as well

Overall, I'm still in love with my GE induction range.

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Regarding putting Corningware on a burner, be careful. The really old (and better quality) Corningware could go on a stove burner, but I'm not so sure about the newer "stuff." Better research that. All my Corningware is vintage 1960s - 1980s and is safe for any use.

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My computer has a mind of its own and hasn't been working lately. All comments are interesting. Thanks Laat for the info about getting rid of the blue! Stirfry, I guess you could say that the issues are with the pots and pans and not the range, but the range is made to work with only certain ones. I have a set of excellent waterless stainless cookware that I love and will last forever. All of it works except the large skillet which is an item I used a lot. So I needed a large skillet and a small nonstick one just for the occaisional eggs etc. I just didn't want to spend $100 when I already have quality cookware I love. I might need to though. Diane...I have used my four sizes of Corningware on the range top for 40 years...didn't know the new stuff couldn't be used that way. I hate making spaghetti sauce in a pan and then having to dump it into another container. No matter how hard I try, it splashes and its hard to get out. So, I make a lot of things in the corning casseroles. Its so convenient to cook and store and reheat in the same item. I did spring for a large cast iron pan and it doesn't buzz and cooks great, but too large to store food in in the frig. For me it is a matter of does the excellent clean up and the fast cooking outweigh the other stuff. And, by the way, it is fast, but boils a large pan of water in 8 minutes instead of 10. I'm just saying. :-)

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I braised an eye of round roast on the induction stove today in a cheap dutch oven from IKEA. I simmered it for 2 1/2 hours on setting 2.8. It took about 10 minutes for me to get the right setting.

On my old electric stove I could never have made this. One minute it would be boiling, I'd turn it down and check it later and it wouldn't even be bubbling at all.

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Are you sure that you cannot run both burners on high? I have a Miele with 5 burners. The front and back that are shared said that you cannot put them both on boost at the same time. I've had things going on four burners with no problem. I don't use the highest setting except to boil water anyway.

With induction, I've stopped using a double boiler. The heat can be so low and precise that I can make bearnaise sauce without it breaking.

So far for me, there are no cons to induction cooking. I am in cooking heaven.

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We often put our metal pots in the fridge. With glass shelves, we just put a potholder underneath if it is still warm. Spoon some into bowls for reheating in the microwave. I suppose you could also put the pot back on the burner, why not?

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Since the above posting, we have been using our own GE induction range for a couple of months.
Love the rapid response & quick boiling. Love how evenly the heat is distributed in the pan. It does have a slight learning curve as to what setting is best for which items, but that's not a big problem.
It does not get food burned on the surface easily, but I do find myself spending a fair bit of time wiping off splattered oil to keep it looking pristine.
The noise is not a problem.
Few of my old pots worked. The kettle did, and one of my really cheap, ancient pots. Got a Tramontina pasta pot at Walmart, and a 365 pot at Ikea, and a smaller pot at a cooking store (Culinary Edge). These are fine. We also have a Lodge cast iron fry pan -- hasn't scratched yet and we use that a lot.
This is my first modern range, and I appreciate that it shows the oven temperature as it climbs (I know most do that these days but it's new to me!).
We are very happy with our GE, so far.

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I haven't written here in a while. We have had our range for about 6 months. I must admit that pros far outweigh the cons. I really like the range. The ability to set the burner heat low and have it stay and be pretty even is great and clean up is a dream. The top always looks so clean and nice. No matter how meticulous I was about my black gas range top it never really looked like I wanted it to. Had to use a special polishing cloth and polish every night at clean up. Anyway....I love the way the induction looks and cooks. We had some company yesterday and she was helping in the kitchen and turned the burner off under some boiling vegetables and it quit boiling immediately and she was in awe. It IS aweinspiring !! Like it a lot.

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Did you get your blue pan cleaned?
If chemical methods don't work, I have had luck with very fine grade wet sandpaper. At least 600 or higher.

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Thanks Majeha, I have to be truthful since you asked...I haven't taken the time to do anything about the blue. I should go do that!! It doesn't impede cooking at all so I just haven't taken the time. Thanks tho - and I can't believe this post is hanging around !! I love my range more and more. I have been on vacation at a condo and then at my sons house and I realized in a hurry how spoiled I am now. Love it.

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My pros agree with all the above. Mostly cleaning. It's sooooo easy. I've had mine for 9 months now and it looks as good as the day I got it. I too had a gas stove that I could never really clean very easily or well. This was a big reason why I switched to induction.

My con is that I would have preferred the largest burner to be in the back. Just my own little design change if I had the choice. Since I don't I'll be content with what I do have.

Also something I've noticed, but don't know if it's a defect is that when I've got a pot on the burner there's a red indicator light on. If I were to remove the pot permanently w/o turning the burner off, the burner eventually turns off on its own. The red indicator light turns off too. I don't think it should since the element is still hot.

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I agree. I would also like the large burner to be in the back. And, I wish every burner operated separately. That was a minor problem at Thanksgiving with all burners in use. It seemed like the two I wanted to be on high didn't work and when I would turn one down the other went higher. Isn't needed often but it was an inconvenience. There are some other minor things but all in all, its bliss.

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