Matching a Bosch with a speed oven

bramledApril 14, 2012

I have been pouring over message boards and have learned so much, but also caused probably even more confusion. In any case, I think I've finally decided on a Bosch wall oven but really would like a speed oven as well. The speed oven will be mounted above the wall oven. I don't like the look of the Advantium. Does anyone have the Electrolux Icon speed oven mounted over a Bosch? If so, how do they look together? I don't care if they are matchy matchy, but I don't want them to look like they belong in different kitchens. Or does anyone have any other type of speed oven over their Bosch that looks good? GE Monogram? I think Miele is out of my price range.

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I have bosch 800 oven and a monogram pro handles advantium 240 but they are both under counter. i just looked at them and imagined them on top of each other and i don't think it would look too good. The handles are significantly different and the bosch has a lot of black while the advantium does not. The advantium by profile would look worse though and you might see if the skinny handle version of advantium would look better (but i doubt it). Good luck (love both ovens by the way).

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Please put up the Bosch Model number and I can probably build them both into a kitchen photo, (the Bosch & the Elux).

Not sure why you prefer the Bosch oven over the Elux oven, but of course that is your choice. I have both the Elux Icon Oven and the Elux Icon Speed Oven, for more than 5 years now and I'm very happy with both of them.


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I was convinced I was going with the Elux (Gary), especially after reviewing many threads here about performance of Elux. But then I went to see them in the store. It is probably just mental (coming from a large range oven), but when I saw the interior space on the Elux it just seemed so small. And with 3 racks I couldn't fathom fitting in my larger casseroles without removing 2 of the 3 racks. And there is also the matter of the very nice rebates Bosch is currently running - 15% off if you purchase 3 or more 800 series Bosch appliances. I was planning on going with the Bosch 800 series (HBL8750UC). Though if I went down to the 500 series it looks very similar. (Sophie123) - good to hear you are happy with them!

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