best cabinet-depth french door bottom freezer fridge

rs986April 22, 2012

I know what I want in a fridge:

cabinet depth


bottom freezer

probably no ice/water in the door

Now I just need ya'all to tell me which one to buy!


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Do you have a budget in mind?

I'm happy with a Liebherr CBS2062. Much discussion in the archives if you search on "French door"

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As Colin3 already asked, it depends on your budget, built in or freestanding.

We have an Electrolux Icon Professional and are very happy with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Icon Professional

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freestanding, 36 inch
thanks i'll look in the archives, too

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rs - I posted a couple times on my elux that I love.
Gist of the story - wasn't looking for a fridge but took a peak while buying washer/dryer and then got more serious.
Took my favorite serving dishes along and went down the line until I found one that held them "just right".
Then looked at price and said NO
Sales guy said big sale, so I bought it and love it!
I have the Elux with the perfect temp drawer and no ice through the door.
Saved tons on food over the past 2 years as everything stays so fresh!

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I've been looking for the same thing, and I think I'm going to get the LG.

The LG is rated excellent in Consumer Reports for temperature performance and noise, has good customer reviews online, I think it's very attractive, and it's just $2159 at Home Depot right now with free delivery and haul away.

I'm not a big fan of the third produce drawer, but maybe it'll come in handy.

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what is the model # for the LG at Home Depot? I don't see that price for the counter-depth. i am looking as well. thank you

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Planning on the Elux Icon Professional also : )

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I bought this kind of fridge from Bosch, but it is a built-in (not just cabinet depth). French Door, bottom freezer. It is dual-compressor dual-evaporator. It is awesome.

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Agree on Bosch (same as Thermador) suggestion. I compared to most of the others, it came out best. Competition is the new SZ.

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Subzero will be coming out with a cabinet-depth, French door, bottom freezer model toward the end of the summer. I have a 30" subzero now and LOVE it. The French door model should be very good.

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