Tub, shower, tub AND shower, which goes where?

nancitaApril 9, 2012

Oh, my!

I am dizzy with all the choices. Our GC would love to put a tub AND separate shower in our new Master Bath. Sounds expensive. We also have to decide what to put in the second bath, tub or (not and) shower. We are both pretty much shower people. DH would be happy with a nice shower in both bathrooms. I feel a tub should go in one of them. There are just the two of us with very few guests. And ther is another bathroom on the first floor with the tub.shower combo as well.

Any thoughts on what to do? Everyone talks about resale. We haven't even moved in yet and we are planning to be there for a long time. By that time, the baths will probably need another redo.


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if you have a tub on the main level, I'd put in 2 showers upstairs. especially if you aren't concerned about resale.

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Do you have grand-kids, or are you expecting any near your guest bedrooms? If so, do consider having tubs (at least a small 5 foot inexpensive one) for baths. You won't regret that, especially for resale. As for your Master Bath, ask a realtor friend and they will likely tell you it's 'best' for re-sale for a 5-piece Master too, but if you'd much rather have the extra-large shower than a smaller shower and tub, then go for the larger shower and forget the tub. We have an oversized shower (dual heads, etc) and absolutely love it. We have a big jacuzzi tub too and it's nice but doesn't get a whole lot of use. Our overall bathroom is quite large, but if I were limited on space, the tub would be the first to go or at least downsize.

As you age, you will probably find a better use for a walk-in shower with things you can add in your later remodel (hand-held rails, bench, etc) than a tub that is hard to step into.

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Go with the showers. You have a tub downstairs, why put in another? You'll never use it.

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