Steam Cleaning

Sarah_BurtonApril 17, 2014

Hi guys,

I'd like to buy a steam cleaner and I'm currently confused about the wide choice. I wonder if I should better buy a steam mop or a canister steam cleaner?

Does anyone have experiences or can give some recommendations?


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It kind of depends on how big the job is, but I bought a Shark vacuum not too long ago that came with a BONUS steam mop. I LOVE it. I also ordered my Mom the vacuum (she had a dinosaur & since she's just turned 80, she needed something much lighter weight). She LOVES the steam mop too. So...look at what Shark has. Good products, good prices and good service! Hope this helps.

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Welcome to GardenWeb, Sarah. If you do a search of this forum with the word "steam" you will find several discussions on steam cleaning.

Edited to add: My choice is the canister version. It's not as convenient for floors as a steam mop because usually you need to assemble and attach the wand, etc., but it offers versatility to clean things besides floors.

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Gretchen Wood

I also have a shark steam mop and love it.

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When my steam pressure iron died after one too many drops on the concrete floor, I went looking for a replacement. The ones available in the US seemed to have very mixed performance records, so I spent a bundle and bought the Sargent and accessory iron. The iron works amazingly well.

The steamer works well too, with some limitations. I've watched an infomercial on the Steam Mop on one of the shopping channels, because I wanted to see how it compared with mine. First, the steam on tv seemed to puff out gently compared with the rather dry vapor that shoots out of my Sargent (this is adjustable). As a comparison the man on tv said his kills germs in 13 seconds; mine claims to kill germs in 3 seconds. I am very pleased with the performance, but it is not as easy to use as their website would lead one to believe. I find the angle of the brushes and pads that come with it a bit awkward to use and often opt for shooting steam with one hand and rubbing or wiping with the other. However, there is no more grunge on the top of the refrigerator or under the range hood. It does a good job of cleaning off surface dirt from the traffic path on an area rug and arms of chairs. If you are considering spending $1600 on a steamer, post questions here, and I'll answer as best I can. Also, take a look at their website.

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I purchased a canister a few months ago. We have a lot of tile in our bathrooms,. The accessories allow me to clean the entire bathroom, including mirrors, from top to bottom. I love it. It even removed the gunk in the no slip part of the bathtub. When my son came home from college, he couldn't believe how clean the white tile in his bath was.

If you think you'll use it for more than floors, I would recommend the canister.

Another poster here recommend a canister to me. The one she recommended is no longer made.

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I would go with a canister. It's by 4 more versatile if U R going to do above the floor cleaning. I had a steam mop and gave it away. I had no control over the steam as it released the steam on a forward or backwards stroke, it was so long ago I am unable to remember. I didn't like it @ all. I still scrub on my hands and knees, rise with Vinegar, and a clear water rinse. I do use the canister if I am in the mood and ambitious, as a final rinse! LOL

I would not jump in and spend $$$ on a vapor steamer. Spend $300 or so and see if U like using it. They take some getting used 2 and R not a quick as spray and wipe but do clean difficult problems, quickly. Cleaning is still work no matter how U cut it! Sigh!

Ladies, listen to "Graywings," as she has the voice of experience. She give the most sound advice on this forum.

I am a 60 year old divorced guy who has a high end cleaning service and charge $$$ 4 what I know and what I can do. My X is paying me $250 a week to get my old place in shape as she want to sell it. I cleaned 30 hours a week 4 free and now she pays me $250, 4 8 hours! LOL

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Those are very kind words, Eteinne. Thank you!

As for your ex-wife, it must be good to know she appreciates your skills, especially now that she has to pay for them. But back to steamers . . .

As for the choices in steam cleaners, it seems that you can either pay $100-150 for a Shark or Wagner, and then the price point goes up to $600-$1000 or more for the Italian-made models. Are there any in the $300 price point?

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I am unable to remember the steamer U have.I think U gave a website, and that is where I first viewed it. It was there 4 around $300, and had a shut off 4 the steam on the hose. I had forgotten 2 mention that in my last post. If 1 wears glasses, this is a must, as U have 2 B able 2 C what U R doing.

I think U have a Lady-Bug or something. If U did not give a site, I found it when I looked up what ever the brand U have.

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Thanks a lot for your help :)

After doing some more research, I tend to buy a steam mop; they seem to be more practical. I could find some multifunctional steamers which are even able to do above the floor cleaning. Did you already make experiences with this kind of steam mop? Are they worth it?

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I found the canister steamer for $299. It's called Vapamore Primo. The site is The Primo is their starting point and go over $2,000, 4 the high end. It's a nice site to glean info. They have reviews for the different steamers from people who have used them in their homes. This type of feedback is the best! There was a mid-range steamer which also has a vacuum to extract the water while cleaning carpet. I had no idea that such a thing existed.

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