Clean Out Your Dryer Filters and Vents - Videos & Pictures!

eldemilaApril 14, 2011

I'm cross posting this thread that I posted on the Laundry Room forum on this forum as well.

As you begin your "spring cleaning" please do NOT forgot your lint filter in your dryer, or the vent that goes to the outside, especially if you haven't cleaned this out in years. Also, if you use dryer sheets, make sure you wash your filter - if you don't, take it out and put water in it and see if it goes through - it leaves a film and waster, or air, won't pass through it. If it's "clogged" clean it with a little soapy water and a toothbrush, or something similar, rinse, dry and put back.

Just take a look at what I found! The "story" is explained in the post below.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Day It

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We just relocated the washer and dryer which included new ducting. When we removed the old ducting found that there was so much lint buildup in it that it was almost occluded.
Clothes dry so much faster now!

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