Happy Birthday Purplemoon!

luvstocraftMarch 30, 2013

Time to wish our wonderful friend a very Happy Birthday. Hope this is the best one ever and that you have a really great year as well. Hugs to a very special lady. Luvs

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Thank you so much, Luvs. I can't remember the last time my birthday fell on Easter Day! Last year I became a "speed limit" (65), now I'm OVER the speed limit. UGH. It didn't work to cry on my daughter's shoulder either, she told me just to wait another 9 yrs and I'll be a speed limit again! Just can't get any sympathy around here!

Happy Easter, love you bunches!

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Happy Birthday, Karen
Hope you have a wonderful day.

PS My DD shares your birthday

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PM so glad Luvs sent Birthday wishes your way. Enjoy today and don't worry about the speed limits. They are only #'s!!! I'vd had alot of speed bumps coming before me lately. I think it's a way of saying slow down and then move forward with caution.

Happy, Happy Birthday.


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Happy Birthday dear Karen! Hope you had a great day and are enjoying that beautiful grandchild. Love u

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65 years young!! Wow, now you get medicare(whether you want it or not!)LOL Hope it was a good 1 I have had my birthday on Easter a few times over the years, seems odd as it is April 15 & seems like Easter should be past by then. I like it earlier tho my son said snow on ground & no outside egg hunt. Wis. friend said if Easter bunny is coming he better have a snowsuit on as icy & cold along with the snow! Don't think you have problem with that where you are!! Happy Birthday! Jan

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Sorry I'm so late in wishing you a Happy Birthday Karen..
I saw your picture on FB with your beautiful family...
and never focused on it being YOUR Birthday that was being celebrated.
I'm sure just having them there made your day...
especially that sweet baby boy...I'd be squeezing
and kissing him all the time...I saw how you were 'beaming' with joy!
Hope your Birthday year is a happy and healthy one too..

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Jan, actually its 66 now. Last year was my Medicare birthday. ;o) So there is ONE good thing about turning that age.

Punk, if I slow down anymore, someone is going to start watering me twice a week!

Janet, having my great grandson visiting this past week was sooooo wonderful. I can't believe he's already 10 months old. He's just too cute for words, of course I may just be a tiny bit prejudiced! They left today to go home, Alabama.
Here's his portrait that his Mommy just got a few weeks ago, and then a quick snapshot of us ( 4 generations!!) taken yesterday. Bransen wanted down to crawl in the grass and wasn't too happy about photos being taken!

hugs, Karen

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Bransen is adorable! So glad you took this picture of the 4 generations. He's a lucky little guy to be related to all you beautiful ladies. What a fun birthday for you.


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wonderful pictures!!

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Oh wow! What beautiful women! & of course, that lil' guy steals the show! Adorable! Glad you had a good b'day, purplemoon...keep 'em coming! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Happy Belated Birthday!!

I've been out of town, so out of touch as well.

So glad you got a visit from Bransen and your DGD!!
That is a beautiful family and you sure have a right to be a proud matriarch of such a gorgeous group!!

Bransen is so adorable in his spring green jacket and that cute chair and his GGMA doesn't look her age!!
As Punk said, its just a number and even though you may be moving a little slower, it just means you have time to smell the roses!

Hope it was a wonderful birthday.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy year to come,

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