Do I need these mops? Tell me about yours

suz_naturalApril 4, 2010

Inventorying my laundry room storage needs, I realized that I very rarely use my two Vileda mops (Bee sponge type and the Twist one). I use the Swiffer WetJet for the kitchen tile floor and store it upstairs. Downstairs is carpet. So, why am I keeping two mops in my laundry room downstairs? How essential are these types of mops in a household? Whoa. Big questions. Good thing this forum exists to enable research-obsessive types like me get through these life issues. And what do I find here? Enough posts raving about steam cleaners and mops with washable microfiber cloths to make my re-evaluate all my floor cleaning methods!

If you're using a steam mop or a microfiber one, do you also use a regular one? If so, what do you use it for? (I use old towels for big spills.) Can my tile floor get clean with a more eco-friendly method than the WetJet? Should I be using a steam mop for my hardwood? (I just vacuum it and spot clean areas.)

What's a girl to do?! (Mops aren't the biggest storage dilemmas, I know - just install those wall rubber grip gizmos - but my laundry area is pretty tight and I'd rather use the wall space for something much prettier.)

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It is not a bad idea to keep a regular mop around for disaster cleanup - washing machine hose breaks, hot water heater leaks, etc. Since you have them, keep at least one somewhere in the house or garage.

We had a break in the line of the basement toilet ejector system. I will spare you the details.

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Thanks for your reply, Graywings. You're absolutely right. Disaster cleanup! Duh, of course, I need a mop. How could I forget its merits when I used the squeegee bee mop not long ago when the toilet overflowed? Even with gloves, I wasn't about to pick up dirty rags off the floor that time! Just goes to show that over-thinking storage issues when insomnia hits can result in silly questions. I'll find a spot for it in the garage.

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I have also used a sponge mop for wiping high on the shower wall and for washing walls before painting....after wall paper removal.
Linda C

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