OT my birthday surprise!

luvstocraftMarch 3, 2011

Today was my birthday and I had a really nice day. A long time friend did a salad for lunch and made cupcakes for me. Neighbor gal brought me a plant and Michael's gift card. DIL and little DGD took me for a pedicure, then we picked up food to bring home. DS joined us with a waaay too yummy cake and another Michael's gift card, several cards and emails too--all made me feel very special.

BUT the most amazing thing of all was that my sweet DH who is having so many memory problems right now actually went to the store and got me roses and a card! I was totally blown away that he was able to remember to do that! When I kissed him and told him how impressed I was with his gift, he said "I couldn't forget my "honey bunny's birthday!"

God is so good and knows the troubles and fears we face. He must have known I needed this bit of hope--and I'm praying so hard that the medication will give us more time together. We celebrated 45 years of marriage in December and I want to keep him lots lots longer.

Thanks for letting me share.

Luvs _

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Luvs, this is the most wonderful news I've heard from you in a long time. I so hope that you will have many many wonderful years ahead with DH still remembering his "honey bunny's birthday!" How Sweet!!!

Sounds like you had a beautiful day and I know you will enjoy all the Michael's gift cards you received. Nice you was able to spend the day with some very special ones in your life.

Love, Punk

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I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday, you deserve it. With all the new medications and break throughs they are making now, I'm sure y'all will have lots more quality time together. As they say better late than never, Happy Birthday to you!

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So Sorry To Jump In Late....


Just reading this gave me a big smile as I pictured you and all your family celebrating your day...but most of all the wonderful surprise from DH! He gave his 'Honey Bunny' - a 'Birthday Wish' come true. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed your day...
You are so sweet and special and deserve to be spoiled on your day...but then again, you have those wonderful 'gift cards' to spoil yourself for many more day to come !!
Again, Luvs...I'm happy this was a special birthday for you and may you & DH and your family enjoy many more happy moments together..


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Happy Birthday Luvs.
I'm so glad it was a special day for you.
May you and DH continue to have many special days together.

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Happy b'lated b'day, Luvs!
What a WONDERFUL day! Lots of friends & family know you are a special friend! Hugs to you both & esp that DH who is doing all is he able to do to be with you! Miracles happen every day & it sounds like you just had your daily dose! TFS! God bless. Jeanne S.

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Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Luvs. Glad to hear your DH got romantic for your birthday, I'm sure the roses were a huge surprise.

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What a wonderful gift! As Jeanne said, "Miracles happen every day" and it sounds like you had a special one and a special day.
Happy Belated wishes from me.

Wishing you many, many more!


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Marlene Kindred

So glad you had such a wonderful birthday! And what great news that you DH remembered and made your day even more special. Happy Belated Birthday!

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Gosh, I missed your birthday. I'm sorry.

It sounds like you got the best present possible - a ray of sunshine from you hubbie.

So glad your day was full of those you love.


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Belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes--although I wasn't seeking those--I just wanted to share my little miracle of having DH not only remember my birthday but go buy some flowers and a card.

Other than his normal daily routine now, those kinds of extras just seldom happen anymore so it was a very unexpected special surprise.

I was very surprised and considered it a little gift from God that DH was able to get me one more birthday surprise. ;o) Luvs

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I can't believe I missed your birthday, I am sooo sorry.
I was thrilled to read what a special gift your got from your dear DH. I am really happy for you, and you sure deserve some GOOD surprises. I wish you many more.

love, Karen

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Finally! I have been trying for 2 days to get on, it wouldn't let me comment.
Happy Belated Bday, Luvs. I know that it meant a lot for you for dh to get the card and roses! :)

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So glad you had such a special birthday this year & that your honey remembered you! That was best gift. My dad wanted to buy mom a card for her birthday this Jan. I told him I would get it, he is housebound, he struggled to sign it "I Love You Honey" went from far left to far right of card. Mom cried when she opened it! These things are so important especially when you have been together for a long time. (70 yrs May 12 for my folks) Hope the meds are very helpful & you will get many more treasured days with your honey! Happy Birthday! Jan

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Kathleen, I'm so glad to see you got on finally. I read your email and was going to contact GW to figure out what was preventing you from signing on.

Jan, I can relate to how your Mom must have felt just knowing the effort your Dad put into writing those special words to her. Sometimes it's the small things we've always taken so for granted that really touch us the most.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and for sharing a very special moment of my life.


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Oh Luvs....what a sweet memory! I am glad that he made your day perfect!!
Many blessings in the upcoming year,

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Hi Luvs.
Had a Special birthday this year and hpofully for the coming years. I present Teddy bear for my wife for last birthday. She was so excited and very happy for that.

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I'm so happy that I checked back in here this morning . . . HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Luvs!!!!! I'm glad that it was such a special day for you. I'll continue to keep your DH in my prayers.

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Thanks Jaybird and Lynn, your continued prayers are very much appreciated. Luvs

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