White Tree w/ Easter decor

christmascandyMarch 26, 2011

Here is my little white tree all dressed for Easter.

A close up. The pompon chicks were from Michaels, some of the wooden eggs are TS, the styrofoam glitter eggs are Dollar tree and the little rabbit figures and decorated eggs are TS.

I made the bow topper with left over ribbon from DT last year.

The tree "skirt" is a TS napkin.



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It is absolutely beeeeuuuutiful. I've got to find me something purple, your bow is great. I think the little white tree really lends it's self to the Easter theme. I've always been in love with anything pastel, so this is my kind of decorating.

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Candy, I too love the pastel colors on your tree. The bunny ornaments and chicks are pretty cute. You have a nice variety of eggs. Great job on your pretty bow to top it off.


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Well if I didn't have "little white tree envy" before, this would have done it for sure. She was MADE for Easter decorating, and has never looked lovelier!

I have GOT to do this next year, once I get my hot little hands on a white tree. Actually I'd like to get three little ones and surprise my DD and DDIL each with one.(I always get good ideas AFTER the fact.) LOL.

I do have a little purple tree, but when I remembered WHERE in the Xmas stuff its stored, its not going to be an Easter tree this year. Poor planning huh? I didn't even get it out for Christmas.

So Candy, will you be my keeper....errr, I mean my decor advisor/reminder-er/TS shopper? Ok, I just threw that last one in to see if I could get it by you.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this tree of yours.
hugs, Karen

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Oh Candy...
I think this tree Stands Out Above All The Rest!
It is absolutely the sweetest looking tree. I love the soft colors and the adorable ornaments. The colors you decorated it with are just lovely.
I'm with Karen on 'Little White Tree Envy' !!

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candy...my first thoughts, too...this tree was made to be an Easter tree! Yes, I agree, it's the best yet! And I thought of Frou right away when I saw it...the pastel colors!

Those pom-pon chicks are just the CUTEST! And I love all the little wood eggs & their colors plus adding those larger glitter eggs to really make your tree pop!

BOW envy, here! That's a beaut! Wonderful color! Very, very Spring-y! Jeanne S.

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Candy, What everybody else said.
The little white tree WAS meant to be an Easter Tree!!
It is the perfect backdrop for all the wonderful Spring colors. Pastels are my favorites. I'm lovin that bow.
I can't make a good one on matter what.
Oh yeah, did I say that I love your tree?

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Aunt Diane on another board had a large white tree last year and she decorated it for different holidays.
When I saw this one for $1, I knew this was what I wanted to do with it.

Thank you. All of the items I have collected just seemed to go together. I think Easter tends to lend itself to pastels.

I bought those items with this tree in mind. Some of the other holiday decor was stuff I just put together to have the colors right, or things I had around the house. The Easter items were bought for the tree, except the napkin, LOL.

Thanks, I like this one the best too!

I love the little chicks. I just saw some at Big Lots and they were less $ than Michaels.

It helps to use wire edged ribbon when you make the bow.

Thanks for all of the compliments everybody.


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I'm late as usual lately, but wanted to add my admiration for your white tree with all the pretty pastels. It's a real eye catcher. Hard to believe you found it for only a dollar, you are such a good bargain shopper. Luvs

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Marlene Kindred

Cute, cute!! Love this as an Easter tree! And the eggs remind me of the malted milk eggs you can buy...(and I love those!)

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