Help me plan this bath and closet

psyoheApril 5, 2014

I need to remodel my master bath and closet. Currently, the hanging rods cross each other at the corners so that is wasted space.

We have a full bath and a half bath in the master bedroom. Crazy, I know. I can't imagine why the previous owners did that. So in the full bath, I only need one sink. I guess I will get rid of the tub and put a walk in shower or a steam shower. I thought about a soaking tub, but they use so much water plus I don't think I have room.

To get to the closet you have to go through the bathroom. I need one rod about 2' wide for hanging long clothes, but the rest can be double rods and shelves. We currently have two shelves that I drew on the diagram. We can keep them or move them.

There is a hot water tank in the corner of the closet. It backs up to the wall that has the sink. We thought about putting a tankless water heater in, but I am not sure where to put it. We have the water and gas lines there already so it shouldn't be a big deal.

The toilet needs to stay where it is, but we can move the wall between the toilet and bathtub closer to the toilet if we need more room. We could tile two walls and have two glass walls for the steam shower. I am not sure about the negative aspects of a steam shower so I am hoping someone can help with that information. I also need to figure out where the steam generator will go. It may need to go on the wall by the toilet but I don't know much about them.

If we don't put a steam shower in, we will just make a walk in shower. Our last house had a 5'x6' open shower and we loved it.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Peke

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I don't see an image that was referred to in your text.

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I suggest that you first figure out how much shelving and rods you need for all your clothes. Do you need any hooks? Is the closet for one person or two?

Do you want a linen closet in the bathroom? And are there any windows in this area?

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Enduring, it is there when I look at it.

Dekeoboe, towels can go in the toilet cabinet. When you first walk into the bathroom, the cabinet to the left is floor to ceiling. The bottom has a pull put hamper that is too deep. Then a drawer above that. Then shelves above the drawer.

We will have a built in mirror cabinet inset into the walls so a lot of stuff will go in there.

The closet is for two people. How do you get rid of wasted space in corners? No windows.

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Yeah, I saw the picture when I got on my computer. It didn't show up on GW with my iPhone. Oh well. I see it now :) I have linked an article that was on Houzz a few weeks or months ago. I don't have room for walk in closets but I think the article does a good job of covering them as well as reach in closets. Hope it is helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to get the closet of your dreams

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I highly, highly, highly (!) recommend checking out the elfa closet system at The Container Store. If you can wait until their annual elfa sale which usually runs from Dec 26 until mid-Feb (30% off every elfa component, incl installation), you can save a significant amount. Great quality, great value (with the sale), and a good degree of customization, plus, utilizing TCS' expertise and CAD drawings to come up with the perfect layout for YOUR needs.

You can have them make up more than one plan (or variation thereof), and then bring the drawings home, and "play" with them, and tweak and re-tweak as needed, until you come up with what works for you.

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Enduring, that site had just what I need. Thank you.

Cat_mom, I will check them out, thanks

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Anyone have any thoughts about the bath redo? I hate that corner sink.

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Part of me thinks I would put a double 72" vanity where the existing tub is, moving the divider wall by the toilet over 4". The divider wall could then run all the way to the ceiling (you may even have enough space to do that and then box in the toilet to create a toilet room with a new wall by the closet entrance and a pocket door in the divider wall by the vanity). I'd then make the wall by the existing sink the walk you use for the shower stall.

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That corner sink looks like it will be hard to use and space wasted. I like Kevins idea about a 72" vanity. But I don't have time now to process his comments. I have to go to work :)

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Is the floor plan you posted your current one? I assumed that, but you mentioned you've also got a half bath, so was a bit confused.

Anyway, assuming this is your current floor plan, I think I'd move the tub to the opposite wall (thing mirror image).

Then put the sink where the tub was.

Then put the shower where the sink was, which gives you room for a 4'x4' shower.

Here's a couple photos of what we did with closet corners.

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Another closet pic:

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