Schumacher Homes in Mooresville NC Opinions

Greg0145March 30, 2013

Has anyone used Schumacher Homes in NC, preferably the Mooresville office. We are looking for a builder and so far they look good, but wanted to see if we could get some opinions before we make a final decision. They definitely beat local builders in price. Thanks in advance for any info.

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You do know they are track home builders? They build absolutely as cheap as they can get away with. Any upgrades and they will charge thru the roof!! I'm just below you in Belmont.

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Don't think they build track homes. They build on land you either own or plan to buy, not pre built, at least none i've ever seen. Upgrades are more, but it's that way with any builder that we've spoke with. Really curious to speak with someone who has used them and been through the process with them.

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Greg0145 I've been looking at their website ever since you posted this a few days ago - we are looking to relocate to Asheville and figured they'd be worth checking out. The impression I get from the site is that they have stock plans with very basic amenities but have semi custom services available. Of course that's going to cost more but you already know that ;-) Nothing I read sounds like they do large tract developments but perhaps they do that, too or started that way - but that doesn't mean they won't produce a house you like. I'm hoping someone who has experience with the company will chime in, whether they have used that specific office near you or another. I do like that idea of semi-custom and a local office to work with. Please keep us posted with any info you may get. I'm planning to contact them this week so I'll do the same. Thanks -

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Well - they are "track" builders when it comes to how they manage the build. They are the value builder when it comes to building on your own land.

This is meal at McDonald's and there is nothing wrong with that. You are dealing with a large corporation, for better or worse.

You should also be considering modular homes. That is their biggest competitor.

When you do true custom homes, the upgrades wind up being cheaper. So you have to be careful, as you can lose the value when you start upgrading a lot. I've built with large builders semi custom and small builders true custom. An example would be a can light - $100 with large builder, $50 with small builder (for a better light).

I was building a value home for a vacation rental. I considered modular and a custom builders. For what I wanted, modular was far more expensive. The $5k hip roof vs $700 was the most significant example. It was a $230k build for 2100 sqft. Modular builder base floor was stick on vinyl squares and they wanted $10/sqft for tile upcharge. Custom was $7/sqft for tile from zero. These things add up.

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We have actually met with the people in their Mooresville NC office. It was a preliminary meeting and we only discussed the process and such. They were very friendly and did not push their product in the least. And they offer extensive modifications, such as moving walls, increasing ceiling height, etc. They have all the people and technology to totally redo one of their floor plans.

Since that meeting which was back in December, they have not contacted me as I made clear we were waiting on a perk test on our land and several other things before we would be ready to start. I initiated contact last Friday and received a prompt response stating they were ready whenever we were. To me, that's a pretty big plus. I figured they would be beating down my door asking when we would be ready.

Their showroom also had galleries of all the upgrades you can purchase, from fixtures, to fireplaces, etc. I'll admit they do an exceptional job with the presentation. But back to my main reason for posting. I'd like to find someone who has actually used Schumacher Homes and currently live in the home they built.

And Deb, I will definitely keep you updated. I have a feeling these people are ok and will get a better feel once we meet with them again.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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Robin Goodrich

Funny, we just bought land in Mooresville,NC too! After having multiple custom home builders tell us our home plan is impossible to build within our budget, I have considered Shumacher as well. We haven't taken the step to meet them at the office, but I also have the same curiosity. It's hard to say if the homes they build are good quality or not...but their base prices seem so affordable that it makes them appealing! I'm conflicted but right now they would probably be our last resort. Bellamy Homes out of Denver, NC are similar. They claim to be custom home builders but aren't really. They'll do your plan but you have to use their vendors and pick all finishes from their lookbook, of course with options to upgrade. Before we bought land, we looked at a home for sale they had just done and it was really nice. The only reason I can suggest them is because I actually stood in the home and can say with confidence that I would be happy if it were mine. Below is a link to that home so you can see. I think they paid 325k for it, not sure if that includes the 30k cost of the land. It also has an upstairs left unfinished. Seems like they got a lot of sq ft for their money from Bellamy.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Robin Goodrich

I just found this topic while doing some research and it sounds like Shumacher employees are more like car salesmen. I'm not sure what you're looking for but I don't think I'll be setting up that meeting.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I had also read that article. I believe that was from Indiana. I did not get that impression at all when I met with the gentleman in Mooresville. Again, I had to initiate contact after our meeting in December and it's April. So they are not the least bit pushy, in my opinion. But I'm sure that varies from area to area.

I think we are going to visit one of their homes that's being built. Received an invitation email earlier. Home is in Greensboro and in the final stages of being complete, but with the wall studs and frame still exposed. I think actually looking at one of their homes should give me a good idea of the craftsmanship and quality of work. And this is not a model home, this is an actual home someone is buying.

I'll update this thread after we make the trip.

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I would just like to point out that Greg0145 (who comes up with a name like that - maybe some do but it is suspicious) registered a day before making this post. He seems to have a general favorable impression of Schumacher - even though he is acting as if he is looking for info.

A little suspicious. I checked on the referenced thread from 2007. More than a couple Schumaker defenders registered the day of the posting or the day before.

When you deal with a company where the salesmen are compared to car salesmen, you have to wonder how far they go on forums to get good press?

Maybe I am wrong but....

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Wow Mr. Cary, way to insult someone multiple times. First off, I opened this thread looking for advice as my wife and I are looking for a builder. I'm just expressing my opinion of my experience so far. And honestly, I'm looking for buyers who have dealt with this company as to gain a better opinion of them. Yes, I too have read negative feedback on Schumacher, but if you pay any attention at all to that thread, it originated in Indiana and we are several hundred miles away from there. Each region has a local office and it may shock you but they are not all the same. So, unless you have bought from them and can share on your experience, I'd appreciate leaving the insults on another thread. Looking for legitimate help here.

And my name is Greg and the last 4 of my old phone is 0145, so that's where my username comes from. I know, weird.

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Wow, david_cary was that really necessary or helpful? Yes, once in a while people show up to stir the pot or have personal/business agendas but for the most part, people here aren't stupid and can read into those posts pretty quickly. Give us some credit, will you? Everybody has to have a first post and often registration happens in order to be able to make that first post. And before you question my user name, it's my initials and the year I joined my first internet group.

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Sorry if you felt insulted. I just think spammers are getting more sophisticated. And the old thread really looks like Schumacher works this way with multiple posters registering that day.

Just think how the car salesmen must feel.... A lot of them aren't pushy at all.

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My wife and I built with Schumacher out of the Mooresville office in 2008 and I'm here to tell you it was a great experience.
They are not "track" builders and yes options costs money just like with any other builder, but their quailty is exceptional and we found this office to be very responsive and customer friendly.
We highly recommend them to friends all the time. No I don't work there and no I am not a supplier of theirs. We just had a great experience and wanted to share it with others.
They are as custom a builder as you want them to be. it's up to you. Like any custom builder you control the price, plain and simple.

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I would really like to hear some information on them as well. My wife and I are looking at some of their homes and while a few look good there is some rearranging we both want done. I'm really concerned about their upgrade costs getting things out of our budget as well.

We have a pretty difficult lot I think to build on. It's just over 1acre of hardwood that sits near a stream. Family gave it to us if we want to use it. How were their prices for lot prep and work? I'm really worried about overruns with construction showing up as well. Anyone know how they handle things if they go outside their quote?

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We were actually put off by Schumacher after presenting a home plan not on their site. They really didn't seem that interested in building it, so we've went ahead and consulted 2 local builders who are more than willing to help out. Not saying they wouldn't have built it, but the vibe I got wasn't good.

As far as site work, Schumacher told us from our meeting last year to budget at least $40k. That seemed very high, but should provide more than enough for lot clearing. We are fortunate and have no trees to clear and very little grading. So well and septic are all we need and that should run around $12k based on initial estimates by our builder.

I'm not trying to sway you away from Schumacher, just letting you know our experience. I actually started this thread and I'm glad I can update it with our latest experience. But it did seem that if we didn't go with one of their plans then they weren't interested. I've had zero follow up from them since their reply to my question about the other plan and that was 2 months ago. So, their loss.

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Thanks for the update, Greg. Good luck to you!

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