Steam showers vs MicroSilk tub by Jason

PekeApril 9, 2014

How do these compare? Other than one is standing and one is laying down. One is steam and one is water.

Don't they both essentially do the same thing?

People say MicroSilk tubs make your skin really soft because the oxygen goes inside your pores to flush out toxins. You are just filling your body with water, I guess.
Sort of plumping it up.

Steam showers flush out toxins through sweat. Then you drink water before and after. I guess you get less water absorbed with a steam shower since you are sweating water out.

No one has said much about how the steam shower makes their skin feel.

Any steam shower people out there? MicroSilk people?

Thanks! Peke

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We'll be putting in both a steam shower and an air tub, so I'll let you know in a year how they compare. ;)

I have been using the whirlpool and steam at the health club for years. Usually both in that order. The whirlpool is nice to relax for a bit, maybe work out a knot with the jets. But the steam seems to work better for me. The heat penetrates your whole body. Work up a sweat pretty quick. And it really seems to work out the deep knots & cramps.

A steam room is much hotter. I can sit a long while in a hot tub, but only 5-7 minutes in a steam. Maybe part of it is it's an enveloping heat. You're literally breathing it in. After the tub I feel relaxed, but after a steam I feel like I've melted.

A steam room is more efficient with resources. I'm told a steam shower only needs very little water, like just a gallon, to make a room full of steam. A bath tub takes what, 75-100 gal to fill?

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I think it is personal preference. Our tub is a combo, whirlpool for muscle relaxation and Microsilk for skin benefits. Our two person tub uses 66-86 gal but that doesn't take the volume of a person into consideration. Our tub is being installed today so unfortunately I don't have first hand experience yet to share.

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