Modified Shower Bench Part II

onelady1dog2girlsApril 14, 2012

Ok, I have dismissed the notion of making a granite movable shower bench...but was still interested in modifying a preexisting shower stool with PORCELAIN tile. Couldn't we glue porcelain tile to the seat top seen in this link? For example with marine epoxy or other? I really like my marble look porcelain tile and think I could make the bench into a much more elegant piece.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stool to modify

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I just gutted my 107 year-old bathroom and pondered the various options for a shower bench- a built-in with my porcelain tile as a finish, stone, etc. Someone else on this board pointed out just how cold such a bench would be on the "affected areas," so I decided to go with a teak bench purchased from Frontgate. Very comfy and "warm." :)

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pennypond USDA 10 Sunset 21 CA

Gramom123: "affected areas" - lol.

Onelady: I thought about something similar. But, like Gramom123, I'm going with a teak seat. I've tried quiet a few tile/marble seats in hotels and found them very cold to sit on. On the other hand, those were built-in seats (with the back), an open back may not be as cold.

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Go with the teak seat, it will be much more attractive. Even if you could glue porcelain tile to the top of that kind of seat, how are you going to finish the edges? It just isn't going to look very elegant.

Teak vs. metal and plastic (before tiles are stuck on)


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Great side by side illustration, Terriks. What a nice example of a teak bench!

I don't see elegant in that metal and plastic bench, even if it was possible to cover it in porcelain tile. Is it important for you to have a moveable bench or would you consider a built-in with your porcelain tile?

Our shower seat is granite and it would be cold when you first sit on it but I find if I spray it down with my handheld shower, it's just fine. ;-)

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Thanks, everyone. That side by side is hysterical. I like the teak seats, I just had a simple 18" with maybe a 9" drop in mind. I would trim it out with schluter. It sleighs me, bc raw material wise it is pretty cheap. However, I agree that that frame doesn't appear to enable the vision. Oh well - I think I'll wait and revaluate. Thanks again.

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