My Easter Decor

PurplemoonMarch 22, 2012

I finished my Easter decor, and took lots of pictures (32) so they are in my Photobucket album. Meanwhile here's Teegan's since she's not in that album (she has her own, LOL).

Teegan with her vintage Lady Bunny doll...and she got her bunny slippers back on!

And here's all her other Easter goodies.....

She got a couple of little stuffed bunnies, a bunny fairy, a fuzzy chick. Eggs in her little cloche, a little Boyd's bear in a bunny costume, and a (faux) chocolate egg. Plus an Easter Tree. ;o)

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Easter Decorations

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Teegan looks sweet wearing her bunny slippers and happy with her lady bunny doll. She is so lucky to have so many Easter decorations just for her.
I really enjoyed looking through your Easter album, Karen.
You have so many pretty things! I'm going to have to go back again to see what I missed.
I'm so happy you felt up to decorating.

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Hi, Karen. I love your Easter decor. I think it is amazing. I noticed you had an item from Home Goods. That is a new store at a Mall in our area. I went there for the first time and I thought it had everything. Good thing it is far enough away that I won't be going very often. I would soon be broke.
I also think Teegan looks very sweet with all her Easter goodies.
Have a good day, Marylee.

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Oh...I LOVE seeing Teegan all decked out for Easter! Wow, her tray'scape is loaded for Spring! Love it! That cute, cute lady bunny is so sweet & those slippers, wish they came in BIG sizes! LOL! The eggs in the cloche idea...sweet! And her own size egg tree! (I think you're spoilin' the girl!) tee hee!

OMgosh, have the most wonderful collection of bunnies! Always love your mantle...that pair there leapin' & playin'...way cute! And in your bay window...another area I am oogling over (always) those white ones & how you used the pastel colors! Is the 'bunny bath' something new? Those choc eggs & 3 bunnies are just darling! I'm calling it a bird bath but don't know really what it is but I am absolutely in love with that!!!

The Bordello dishes in your kitchen are my absolute fav Bunny motif...just beautiful & that runner you scored recently (I think) works beautifully!

Oh, I could on & on, PM...I think you need to add some pics in another post, too have done so much here! The curio cabinets you changed out, too! Wow, what a collection...those baby chicks, everything! I hope you leave this seasonal display out for a long, long time! It shouts Spring & Summer!!! Love that you did the Baker's Rack outside!!! (I worked on mine a bit yesterday for Spring/summer here!)

I see you added some of those 'sparkly' eggs in cloches in your kitchen w/a cute bunny in another cloche...very colorful! Love it! You've created so many beautiful vignettes & it's hard to choose a fave but I think this one on your counter is absolutely beautiful:

Wow, Easter is only 2 wks away...& you're all ready!! TFS your album! Love lookin' & will be back again! Jeanne S.
(oh & your chandie...beautiful pic!)

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Karen, I always get serious "bunny envy" when I look at your collection of them. But this time, I have to say what I love most is how you used your green bunny plates on your long counter. What a nice collection of those you have and it really looks great with your pretty runner and all. Your wreath turned out really pretty, and I love how you used so many other flowers in your arrangements too. All looks really pretty, hope you will enjoy it for Easter and beyound even. ;o) Luvs

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Oh, Karen everything is gorgeous...The best thing I see though is that you are decorating again. I am so proud to see you getting back into the "Spring" of things.

I'm like luvs and everyone else, I start drooling every time I see all your bunnies. I also like how you incorporated all the flowers into your Easter themes. Very clever.

Teegan looks so sweet in her bunny slippers and her own decor, I think she may be spoiled!

I have just been waiting around for you to get back to business.. So glad that it appears you are on your way.


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Holy schmoly! You've done a wonderful job. I can't believe how many REALLY, REALLY nice things you have for Easter. I mostly have little junkie things. Your things are all so nice. I love all your rabbits. I especially like the fact that they are BIG rabbits. They make such a statement. What a great collection. I'm going out to look for a least one GIANT RABBIT tomorrow. Yes, I definitely need a giant rabbit. No doubt about it. I will be less than a whole person unless I get a giant rabbit for my Easter table. Thank you, Karen, for letting me see the light.

I was very taken with the Easter wreath. It's quite pretty. So delicate. It looks professionally made. Really. I read the caption again, just because I couldn't believe it wasn't purchased from some boutique.

Every time I see one of those baker racks, I wish I had one. Yours really says, "It's Spring!" I'll have to put something on my patio buffet. Honestly, you've really put me a Get-Up-And-Start-Decorating-For-Heaven's-Sake-Kind-Of-Mood.

Love the bunny slippers and mini cloche too!

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You're all ready for Easter and I'm here turning green
like the grass on the ground and the leaves on the trees!!
Can you come over (I'll send the bus)...and help me
decorate...actually YOU decorate while I watch!! lol
Seriously though...I'm another one with 'Bunny Envy'.
I LOVE all your wonderful bunnies - especially the
vintage looking ones like on the Tea Cart and the Family Room corner table...
Your mantel, bay window and Curio Cabinets have beautiful displays.
You've got quite a serious Easter collection don't you!
Looking at your Kitchen Rabbit Tureen makes me so sad..
I bought mine last year after Easter and couldn't wait for this year to use it...
now it's down in the basement...and I'll never see it again till next year!
Every area of your home 'inside and out' is so festive looking...are
you sure your aren't related to the official 'Easter Bunny'!!

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Karen, you have outdone yourself again. You sure put me to shame. I love your big bunnies. I have 4 or5 big cement bunnies in the beds in the yard, now if I could just figure out how to make them look more like "house" bunnies, guess I"m just gona have to settle for my pet dust bunnies, they multiply even faster than normal bunnies. You have so many neat spots to decorate. I never realized before coming to this forum that my style of decorating was so sparce. Got to figure out how to add more table and shelf space. I have unpacked a few things, but still got to dig my tree and some smaller things out of the closet. I did set my table with my TS dishes and a "new" easter
tc and some little bunnies, but thought my DD was going to want them today when she saw them. I am sure glad you are feeling a little more like decorating. We really miss you when your are MIA. Hugs Janet

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WOWZA, you sure did a quick change from St. Patrick's to Easter. I keep looking for those Bordallo bunny pieces at Marshalls, Home Goods, and Ross and never find ANY!! Oh well, another reason to keep shopping, LOL.

We do have several other pieces in common, but you found a companion for our large rabbit!

It all looks just fabulous, no surprise there!! I need to find those Energizer batteries that you are using to whip all of this out so quickly!


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Teegan looks so cute and pretty 'Spoiled' with all her goodies! Bet she's happy to have her bunny slippers back on.LOL

Karen, I enjoyed all of your Easter decor. The bay window with the wreath, flowers and egg tree.WOW What made some of your eggs look lit up?Sweet So many colored trees, eggs and bunnies. Your mantel with all the lg bunnies was so neat.

You really set up alot with all your bunnies. Did I miss your wht/blue bunnies or did they not come out this year? Are the new lg purple ones new? Was also good to see all your dishes set out.

Nice you'll have plenty of time to enjoy all of your Easter decor. I have been out in the yard enjoying our weather and it's great. Your yard is beautiful!

Our grass is just starting to turn green. Guess when it gets to hot in Phoenix, you'll have to travel.


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Marlene Kindred

Well really outdid yourself! OMGosh...LOVE all of your rabbits! The large ones on the mantel are beautiful! You have the largest variety of bunnies I think I've ever seen...the silver/pewter plates, the white ones, etc. Beautiful! Your green plates are to die for.....drooling all over my keyboard here. It would be like being in a fancy gift shop just browsing through your house. Great job!

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