Bed Making & Sheet Changing HELP!

beth0301April 18, 2014

I just moved to a new room and my king bed does not fit in the new room. Replacing it with a queen is really not a good option, though I suppose as a very last resort I might. Maybe.

The only way to make it fit is to shove it in a corner - the headboard on one wall and the long side against another.

It actually looks just fine that way, and space wise, it's works okay but I cannot figure out how to make it up and sheet changing is now an endurance sport. I'm a clean sheet fanatic, so I change them frequently so this really is a big problem for me.

I've googled it and all the results I found were for a child's bed and they said to simply slide the mattress towards you, lift it, change it and slide it back. That doesn't work with mine. It's way too heavy. The other suggestions were small ones and not at all applicable or helpful.

So .... when in doubt, ask GW, the people there always seem to have ideas!

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I can't think of a way to change sheets on a king size bed if you don't have the room to stand on both sides of the bed.

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Yeah, me neither. I thought I was missing some nifty trick or something.

Funny, because when you search the term corner bed, I find all kinds of images like the one below, clearly showing a larger (normal adult) bed in the corner. Maybe they are pulling it out to change the sheets and then pushing it back? it's all I can think of. I can't do that, mine is on a drawer pedestal that can't be "scooted".

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It may be a huge hassle to actually do this, but any way you could get some locking caster wheels and put them on the legs of the bed frame? That way you could easily pull the bed out and change the sheets, then just slide it back in place. You would only need to secure the external wheels to hold it in place; the ones against the wall could be left unlocked to move easily.

Below is an example. They aren't expensive, as noted the aggravation would be mounting them on your bed. But this would definitely allow for easier access in changing sheets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Locking caster wheels

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You might try cutting the corners of the fitted sheets so you don't have to hook them around the mattress then pin them or use 2 top sheets. For the blankets just drop it between the wall and mattress. A thin bedspread or quilt would work nicely even if you had to cut off the side against the wall. Most box springs or mattresses can move a little in the bed frame so pull it as far as you can away from the wall. I had a set one time that would always move when I made it up, so I put two 6 inch long 2 x 4's between the wood on the box springs and bed frame to hold it in place. That would give you more room to drop between the bed and the wall.

I like the look of the bed in the picture it is unusual and it gives the user more room. If there are two in the bed, I am not sure anything would work well, but you could try before buying a new mattress.

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Just a thought. How about the sliders for moving furniture. If your spread or coverlet is long enough to hide them they can just stay there.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions!

I investigated putting it on casters, wasn't practical given the floor is very unlevel, rough and has cracks. After modifying the frame enough, buying heavy casters, ect, it probably still wouldn't slide well and would get stuck in/on the roughness.

In the end, I decided just to replace it. I put the word out that I was in need of a queen mattress in hopes something would turn up as going to the store and ordering a new one was out of the question.

I may have lucked out - a friend of a friend is having a moving sale so we'll see!

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Oh, I wanted to mention, just in case any one else ever finds themselves in a similar situation. I did find one quite attractive solution, but only if you aren't very tall. I'm 5'8" and it didn't quite work for me, but if you happen to be shorter, it might be a great solution.

A king bed turned sideways and put against a wall (so you're basically sleeping in it sideways) gives you the same length as a full sized bed. The width is exactly that of a day bed frame. So you can take the springs out of the daybed and retro fit it to go around the sideways king, give you a very cool looking bed.

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