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jardinistaApril 9, 2012

Don't know if this is the best forum for this question,but...I have heard totally contradicting advice re: power washing a vinyl sided house. I want to power wash my vinyl sided house becuse it looks dirty.My research has found all advice from "don't ever do it--it will rot your house out",to "go ahead,why not" So,any help here? Or is there a better forum?? Thanks ever so much.

While I'm at it what's the concensus on power washing roofs? have heard that often makes a roof look new.There's no obvious damage to roof and really shouldn't need replacing,just looks faded and streaky. Thanks again,jardinista

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I would post this on the home repair forum. From what I understand - and I am not an expert - the problems with power washing are 1) the damage that a powerwasher can cause in the hands of someone who doesn't know what he or she is doing with the machine; and 2) the possibility of shooting water up and under the siding.

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Before paying someone to clean your siding you might want to try some vinyl siding cleaner, a pump-up sprayer, and a garden hose.

I don't like the idea of pressure washing an ordinary shingle roof.

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Thanks for the responses. Will try home repair.

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