Bathroom appliance garage a fire hazard?

lotsofkidsApril 15, 2013

We are planning the basement bathroom and I want an appliance garage for the girls' hair dryers/straighteners, etc. The theory being that once finished, they push back in, stay plugged in, but cleans up the space. It would be something like this:

My husband asked if that is a fire hazard to put a hot hair dryer or straightening iron back in what is basically a wooden box. For the flat iron I envisioned something like this hung inside to hang the cooling off flat iron I have one in my bathroom just on the wall and hang my flat iron from it, but it's out in the open air, not in a cabinet collecting heat. Thoughts? We'd rather NOT burn down the house. We're pretty fond of it. :)

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I have appliance garages for my hair dryer and curling iron. I put the hair dryer into the appliance garage immediately because I don't feel that it gets so hot as to be a safety concern. I leave the curling iron on my granite counter until it cools. If I have to leave before it's cool enough to put away it just stays there for the day and that doesn't bother me.

Some people find it more concerning to leave any appliances plugged in, whether they are in an enclosed appliance garage or sitting on an open counter.

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You can have a pressure switch that shuts off the power to the appliances when the appliance garage door is shut.

Or line the garage with something like tile board ...

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Make sure ALL flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers, etc have auto shut off too just in case.

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