Recommendation for portable induction burner?

noopdApril 3, 2013

Any recommendation for a single portable induction burner? which one is good?

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I have this max burton. Bought it on amazon in 2010 expecting to use it for a few months during remodel. Remodel is still not done and this has been the main cooking stove for family of 4 where we cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. I liked induction cooking so much that I changed my plans for a high BTU gas stove for my new kitchen and am doing induction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Max burton single induction

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We bought a reconditioned Viking unit a few years ago to use during our remodel and have been extremely pleased with it. Sadly, the remodel is still on-going (a DIY one!), but the Viking is still going strong.

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You do know that you can search for prior posts? A couple of tips. First, use the search box at the bottom of the page. For reasons I've never understood, it has always worked better for me than the one at the top of the page. For your search terms, try "portable induction" "countertop induction" and "max burton." A second thing: try those searches with google and add "gardenweb" to the search terms (e.g., "gardenweb + max burton"). You will find at least a dozen threads here where portable/countertop units are discussed, sometimes as the main topic and sometimes in the course of other discussions.

Also, try searching the chowhound site. I recall at least three long discussions of portable unit, one of which was a very detailed discussion that started with somebody who wanted to use a MB unit for sous vide cooking and found limitations. Here's are links to a couple of the chowhound discussions:

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