Kenmore vs. GE Profile Refrigerator

mset31CTApril 22, 2011

Our remodel is almost done! We have all new Bosch appliances (OTR MW, Range, DW). We ran out of remodel money so we decided to hold off on the refrig, but now we're ready to purchase.

Sadly, can't get a matching Bosch fridge b/c of space constraints. We have a small space: 68 3/8 max height under the cabs x 36.25 max width. Depth is not an issue. There is a wall to the left of the fridge (which can make opening the door a hassle) and cabinets/counters to the right. We currently have a 19ish cu. foot single door/bottom freezer fridge. Handle is on the left and the door swings open to the right. This is annoying since the range is on the right of the fridge. We could reverse the door, but haven't gotten around to it.

I have found 3 refrigerators that are 22ish cu. ft. and would fit in our space. I always assumed that I'd get a single door, not a French door style, b/c of the wall directly to the left, but there are a few inches of empty space there that could make the French door style possible. I do find them to be more difficult to open than the single doors, however, and they seem to be less spacious. Thoughts on this?

Here are the 3 models I am considering:

1. Kenmore Stainless Steel 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Model # 76203

2. GE Profile Stainless Steel 22.2 cu. ft. French-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Model # PFSS2MIYSS

3. Kenmore Stainless Steel 22.7 cu. ft. French-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Model # 71303

Questions in addition to those above:

1. Are there any other fridges out there that I should be considering?

2. Given our configuration issues, which is better: single door or French door?

3. I've never owned a Kenmore or GE appliance in my life. Is one brand better than the other? Any red flags I should know about before I buy?

Our budget is $1700 max, and the GE Profile is on sale right now for $1700. The Kenmores are much more affordable.

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I have a GE profile 22 CF fridge that just died @ 8 years old, 22S1SBSS I read elsewhere that they dont hold their temperature well, and that was our problem for the last three years. I am trying to figure out now who makes Kenmore.

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Thanks ssp--yes, I am starting to realize that GE Profile is not worth it. I am leaning more towards the Kenmore, but you are right in checking into the actual manufacturer. Might be Amana? Thank you for your help!

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We just installed a larger Kenmore Elite 25.0 cf french door fridge in stainless. Very spacious, virtually silent -- unfortunately 1" too high for your needs. We do know that it was made by LG if that helps.

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We bought the 22 cu./ft French door/bottom freezer about two years ago. First unit came in damaged; second unit came in damaged. Ended up with a big discount from Sears and kept the second. .
Pros: Very good at holding proper temps. Stainless is very easy to keep smudge free. Love adjustable shelves.
Cons: Our model has no way to turn the "open" door alarm off -- beeps WAY too soon.
Make sure the veggie and fruit bins are on rollers.
Water dispenser way too slow.

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Find out who makes the Kenmore units you are interested. Kenmore is not a manufacturer, but rather an in house name brand stamped onto product from other maufacturers. You can find out who manufactures using the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Who makes Kenmore appliances?

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