Cleaning Fiberglass Shower Base and Grout

harry_wildMarch 16, 2011

My cleaning project is to try to make like new a shower base that has turning beige. Is there a cleaning solution that will make it like new. Someone at Home Depot told me to get a fiberglass cleaner for boat hulls. Other say try the fiberglass cleaners for cars like Corvette which are fiberglass.

Secondly, what can one use to clean the white grout lines that have also turn beige. Would a toothbrush be the right tool?

What would you use to apply the cleaning solution?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Try a Mr. Clean magic eraser for both the fiberglass and the grout.

There have been similar conversations recently on this forum about cleaning these two materials and lots of other suggestions, but the magic eraser is probably the best thing to try first.

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