Any advice on cleaning hardwood floors ?

DelightYourScentsMarch 5, 2011

My hardwood floors could use a good clean and shine. I have used one of the store bought spray and mop cleaners - used it in a small area and definitely noticed that it dulled my floors a little.

So - what home made remedies (or store bought stuff) would you recommend ?

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Bona. definitely. Find it at stores like Home Depot,Lowes or online. They make 2 products-the cleaner (which leaves a dull film ) and the refresher. I have used both-cleaner first, then refresher, and am quite happy with the results.

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Thanks - I'll give that a try. I wonder if the refresher will work on the area that is a little dulled right now.

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I am washing my floors right now. I use Parker and Bailey spray cleaner (bed bath and beyond) and a terry cloth mop.

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I just use clear water on a very slightly dampened micro-fiber cloth.

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Someone suggested water and vinegar ... with a micro fiber cloth. Any give that a try ??

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Do you know what type of finish you have?
a) If it is water-based polyurethane, I recommend Bona Kemi. b)If it is Glitsa Swedish Finish, they have cleaning product (Bona Kemi cleaning product dulls Glitsa finish - I've experienced it!)
Do not use vinegar! :)
Microfiber pads are excellent.

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As far as vinegar, I know I've posted these comments before but I'll reiterate ...

IMO vinegar is not a great "all purpose" cleaner. I do use it for some things (ie. laundry rinse for some items, clean the fish bowl, clean some mineral deposits, etc ...).

Low pH cleaners (acidic, like vinegar) can dissolve hard water and mineral deposits, but can't tackle dirt and grime. Many people have heard "use vinegar" so they do but they don't really understand the chemistry behind cleaning.

Cleaning/laundry are really a lesson in chemistry. What will remove certain dirt/stains and suspend them in water so they can be removed completely. It's really quite fascinating (to me anyway):)

High pH cleaners (more alkaline, like harsher soaps) are good at dissolving dirt and grime. Warning: these will also eventually dull the finish of some floors (ie. hardwood).

I like to use a neutral PH cleaner for all my floors.

I have used Shaklee Basic H2 (which is PH neutral) but I really like the Bona spray mop and cleaners (also PH neutral).

Here is a link that might be useful: Bona Floor Mop

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