cleaning the overlap in shower doors

tabbaldwinMarch 30, 2009

I have a shower stall with sliding doors. They overlap by about 3-4 inches. How the heck to you get between them to clean? I can't get all the soap scum off in that area. Are the doors easy to take off (for cleaning) and put back on? We're about to put the house on the market, so I need to get them better than what I've been "settling" for :-)



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The sliding doors that I am familiar with can be lifted slightly, then slip out the bottom and lower the whole thing removing the door very simply. Reverse the procedure to put it back.

I hate shower doors. I put a shower curtain rod above them and hang a cheap washable cloth shower curtain inside and a decorative shower curtain outside.

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Albert-I am with you. Hate bathtubs with those gross looking shower doots. Much prefer shower curtains. I do as you do. Cheap liner and a nice shower curtain over it, matches the window curtain and other details.

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Thanks, Albert, I'll try that.

Next house, I'll definitely re-think the shower door thing!

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I love them. The towels hang right on the door so I can slide open a crack, grab a towel and dry off inside there where it's still steamy and warm. Very nice in winter. And a squeegee gets them almost dry quickly.

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Just buy custom made shower doors and you won't have any overlap. They make them to fit the opening. I have ripped out those Menards/Home Depot junk where ever I have lived. We had to redo the master bath due to a broken water pipe She decided to redo the bath seeing as the walls had to be ripped down in the shower. I went with her to select everything and we were going to use the existing custom shower doors. We were in the process of a divorce at this time but I went to help her anyway. The first day the contractor dropped 1. She runs back and orders some Sterling cheap shower door and had them install that. It over laps, is framed and the other one was frameless, and the custom one had self cleaning glass. All you had to do was spray it down with the shower hose and you were done as it was treated on the inside with a coating that the water would sheet off it instead of drying in water droplets. There is nothing to clean after you give it a rinse. There are several companies who offer this. I don't know who makes it but I think 1 place makes it for all of the vendors. They have a web-site where I have purchased mine I don't know the address but if you type in creative mirriors and doors you should be able to come up with something. This was in Addison or Roselle IL. I think this is a franchised type of thing so U might be able to find one in your area. They have a video and I think they smear one side of the untreated glass and the other with the coating. I think that is motor oil? I would rather clean my oven than shower doors. I have had self-cleaning ovens for the last 30 years so why not have self-cleaning shower doors? I'll check back to see if you were able to find the web-site. I have to go back to my former home to find the site in the file cabinets.

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Hi Eteinne:

Thanks for the information. I'll definitely check into it when we get to our new house (esp. if we build one). I'm just wanting to get his current one clean to sell. Taking the doors out gave me access to the overlap, and it's pretty darn clean there now. After next I clean, I'm going to wax the shower stall and Rain-X the shower doors. Hubby's already in the new location, so it'll be much easier to keep clean :-)

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I hate those clattery shower doors. I see that you have solved the problem already regarding the hard to clean overlap but, in the future instead of removing the doors, if that is hard to do, just buy one of those SPONGE paint brushes. They are cheap. Its just a small thin sponge on a stick. You should be able to get in between with some cleaning solution with one of those for daily/weekly cleaning.

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Tkns the idea of sponge paint brushes is good i will try it out .I had a long knife and covered it with a piece of damp sponge and put it between doors and moved it up and down with a lot of patience it came clean

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