Folex Hardwood Floor Cleaner

bpchiilMarch 4, 2012

Has anyone used this product? If you have, how does it compare to Bona?

Couldn't seem to find any reviews on it.


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This must be a regional cleaner. I have never seen it.

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Certainly not a regional cleaner - it is sold on Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Since no one has chimed in, why not try it yourself and give us your first thoughts on the product.

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Thanks for the suggestion - but I certainly would not purchase it at the current price point. (yes you can call me cheap)

It is a fairly new product, and I can wait for the testimonials. I am sure there will be direct comparisons to the Bona product.

Good day!

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You can put in a spray bottle warm water with a little vinegar in it. If you use the water and vinegar mixture, make sure you dry the floor as you go. You do not want the water to sit on the floor too long. If they are unsealed, I would use a non-water based wax to finish the floor once it has been clean.

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