Cleaning Hardwood Floor

lodaladyMarch 20, 2013

I have asked about cleaning hardwood floors and now I have experienced it. I made the mistakes of waxing on top of an oxide finish and washing it with oil soap. The wax sits on top of the finish and had to be removed to get a nice finish. At one time, I was on my hands and knees with a plastic scraper to remove it. I assume oil soap is for raw wood, not an oxide finish as it dulled it.

The manufacturer of my flooring recommended Bona, which I now use the spray mop and I just polished it with Bona polish. I think I love those products. I used the low gloss polish, next time I will use the high gloss.

I am also using the Shark steam mop, with the ceiling fan on a full blast. I'm not loving the Shark. Do any of the steam mops have multiple ports, a larger head and a swivel head?

I purchased the Bona on Amazon and saved $13 on the polish alone.

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That first post was just me rambling. My question is about steam mops for pre-finished hardwood floors. I'm using a Shark, vacuum and mop combo unit. When I am finished steam cleaning, the pad shows dirt on the spots where the pad Velcro's to the head, as if the rest of the pad isn't picking up because there is no pressure point, except where it attaches.

Can you recommend a mop that has multiple ports, a solid cleaning head and swivels? Or which is your fav?

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I use the Haan Steam cleaner which i purchased on Amazon for my hardwood floors - I did not like the Shark - it left streaks on my floors. I use Bono Spray for touch ups but it seems to leave a film so I have to go over it with the Haan - the Haan is also great on my tile floors.

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I'm disgusted. I steam mopped with the shark, the cleaning lady used the bona cleaning mop and the floor appears dull. I spot cleaned with the swifter wetjet and the pad is filthy! What the heck?

Chefmom, why use the bona and then the steamer? Which one cleans it? is the pad on the Haan dirty after cleaning?

I want to see dirt on the pad. We have a dog, so I know it is there!

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I wasn't clear - I originally used the Bono but after awhile it left a film so I bought the Haan Steam floor cleaner & now use that for cleaning. The pad is dirty after I clean both my tiles & hardwood floors - I bought extra pads - the pads are machine washable - I usually soak them first in my utility sink in the laundry room & then throw them in washer. I bought a Shark before the Haan & returned it - it left streaks on my hardwood. The Haan does a much better job.

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Okay, that is what I wanted to know. I am going to do the same. Thanks Chefmom!

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