has anyone purchased a Bertazonni range in the last year?

homeimprovementmomApril 16, 2013

I am looking at the Bertazzoni and Wolf 48" all gas double oven range. I am a wee bit concerned about the BTU availability of the Bertazonni - only one 15K burner and 2 at 6500. 2 burner at 6500 may seem inadequate but I don't know. Can you cook with 2 burners being only 6500btu? How's the height of the oven working out and the gas calibration since it doesn't have it's on temp read out? Are you wishing you bought something else or really happy?
I am also looking at the Wolf with the French top. Anyone cook on a french top? Any thoughts about it you'd like to share?

It would be great to hear form folks that have either of these and have been cooking on them for a year or so 2011-13(last few months fine). I see a reviews that date back to 2007 and am hoping someone has more recent experience they would like to share.


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Having trouble with searching? Seen these threads:




As for Frenchtops and Wolf ranges, might be best to start a separate thread with that in the title. You'll get more and better info. Also, a couple of suggestions:

First, try a google search using the search string "gardenweb + french top" and put the quotation marks around french top so that google will serach for the exact term. (You also can add "wolf" to the search string as well.)

Second, try searching chowhound.com as well. I kind of recall a couple of dicussions of french tops with Wolf and other stoves.

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I have a Bertazzoni Heritage (36) 6 burner range. While I'm not a big cook, I find the burners are adequate. However, I do find that it is frustrating not having a temp read out for the oven. I do have a digital thermometer to assist with this but it seems that in order for me to heat the oven to 350, I almost have to have the dial at 400. I suppose I would get used to it if I used it more, but I sometimes wish that I went with Wolf. The Wolf also seems more solid. I do more with my Miele speed oven than the range.

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I'm also struggling with a decision on Bertazzoni. I'm looking at the Pro 30". I currently have a dual fuel Thermador. Sales rep is encouraging me to go all gas. I bake cookies once a month, but obviously want them to bake evenly. Are owners happy with the all gas oven? Opinions, advice on Bertazzoni ranges bought in 2012 or 2013? Thanks in advance.

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Sophie Wheeler

Miata vs. F40. Something pretty, but basically a poseur, or the real capable deal.

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I have the same exact questions as homeimprovementmom and Lesdm do. I've read all the threads and am still searching but haven't seen any from the last few years. Although I'll dig into the links posted above to see if I've missed some.

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My mom has a 2012 Berta master series and I dont like using it. Large oven seems uneven, small oven is nearly useless and seems to burn the top of most things. Simmer is too high even on the medium and small burners. Don't like how the oven vents out the front. Don't like how the burner ignition feature works especially on the large burner.

Output on the large burner is nice though.

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