how to remove odor from Rubbermaid container?

amy_z6_swpaMarch 29, 2006

My husband left a container of leftover cooked sauerkraut in the fridge for about a month. (we keep our fridge very cold so the kraut did still smell like kraut, not rotten-smelling) He threw the contents away yesterday, and I washed the container today. Although it is clean now, it still reaks strongly of the kraut. What can I soak it in to get rid of the odor? Any tips?? It's a nice container...

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Crumple up a few pieces of newspaper (black and white, not color) and put the lid on. Leave it a few days. I remember this from a Tupperware party I attended years ago.

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If the newspaper alone does not work, try unused coffee grounds.

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I've soaked stinky plastic containers in borax (Borateem) and hot water to de-odorize them. It worked pretty well.

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Thanks everyone! I put a large crumpling of newspaper in there and left it for the past three weeks or so. I just removed the paper tonight, and I'd say 80-90% of the odor was literally transferred into the newspaper. It was pretty cool. But the odor is still slightly detectable in the container. So I might try throwing some coffee in there since I have an old packet of unused grounds that I won't be using to drink...

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Amy, as long as the newspaper worked as well as it did, try using fresh paper, maybe it will remove more of the odor.

If you try the coffee grounds and they don't work, try 1/2 a cup of baking soda (dry).

Let us know what works.


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OK thanks, Joy! The only reason I didn't add more paper was that I don't have any more. But I did grab another piece at work today. :)

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If those things just don't work, wash it in hot soapy bleach water. Let is soak for about 10 minutes. The bleach will kill any smell. Then run it through your dishwasher (top rack) to clean out the bleach smell. I've done it several times.

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How about a piece of charcoal?

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I'm going to try some newspaper in my stinky Rubbermaid container. This forum is great! Amy, if you're still around, were you able to get the smell completely out?

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Hi Quandary, yes I was able to with more newspaper & threw in some coffee too for the heck of it. My container has been back in business for some time now. :)

Thanks a ton for the tips, everyone! Sue I don't have a dishwasher but thanks!

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