Black Floor, White Floor ... I Need Help

beth0301March 17, 2013

I'm new to this forum but thought this might be a good place to post. I mostly hang out in decorating but this is kind of a cleaning question.

I really had my heart set on ebony stained flooring with creamy white kitchen cabinets, but I'm scared I won't have enough hours in the day to keep the black floors looking good.

It's a small enough kitchen that running a swiffer each day wouldn't be hard, but I'm just afraid 5 minutes after I do it, it'll look awful again.

Any advice?

The other alternative would be to do another paint color on the cabs and then pickle the floor nearly white.

Would that be any easier to keep looking clean though?

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I think you should do what you originally said, white cabinets and black floor. I think a few minutes daiiy with a Swiffer mop will be enough. it's your house after all.

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I would get the floor that I want. A black floor is no more ridiculous than a white floor and lots of people have white floors.

Have you considered getting a central vac and having a vac pan installed?

Here is a link that might be useful: Vac pan video

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