URGH!!! Please help me get my congoleum floor clean!

mc_huddMarch 6, 2008

OK, I have a problem. My DH & I currently live in a house w/ Congoleum flooring in the kitchen. This flooring was installed approx. 10 yrs. ago. When I mop the floor I really scrub, I don't just splash water down & barely swipe the top of the floor. (I actually mop too, only use the Swiffer for small, quick clean ups.) But no matter how hard I scrub, I cannot seem to get the floor clean! Before it's completely dried I can run a white paper towel over a damp spot & it gets dirty! I have gotten down on my hands & knees & scrubbed it really good, I have used every type of floor cleaner known to man & nothing works! What can I do to actually get my floors clean & why are they like this? I realize the flooring is old, but is that really a good excuse? Please help w/ any suggestions you can think of.

I know someone will probably recommend a steam mop (they seem to be very popular here), but I don't have one & that's not in my budget right now. Also, I bought some SoftScrub the other day thinking I'd get back on my hands & knees & try it, but will that be too harsh for this type of flooring?

Well, I'll quit rambling now. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. TIA :)

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You are not mopping well enough. What kind of a mop are you using? String mops won't work...nor will swiffer nor those things with the disposable pads.
Get yourself down on your hands and knees and use a sponge and a bucket of water and a squirt bottle of 409...spray and wipe and rinse the sponge....do about 10 square feet....dump the bucket... and rinse with a wet sponge mop and dry with a dry terry towel....repeat.
Yep it's work...but when you get it clean, it will be easy to keep that way.
Linda C

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Can't help with specific info, but I have had the same frustration with vinyl flooring. Congoleum has a lengthy care and maintenance page on its website. Possibly there is something on their list you could try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Congoleum

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Thanks for your replies.

Graywings~ I'm going to check out the suggestions on the website you linked to... Thank you!

Lindac~ I thought I was cleaning well, but maybe not. I do infact have a string mop (Libman Wonder Mop). I have never liked the sponge mops, but may have to learn to. :) I'm going to do what you suggested. We have a very large kitchen, so I may not be able to read anymore replies for a week or two... LOL.

Thanks again!

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I have some awful, old vinyl flooring in my kitchen that's scratched up because so much sand gets tracked in. Ya' just gotta get down and scrub it like Lindac said.

Once I got my floor really clean, I used some Holloway House 'Quick Shine'. A couple of thin coats. That stuff really shined my floor up and keeps it much, much easier to clean. Lasts a long time & doesn't seem to yellow...but I have a color that wouldn't show the yellowing much anyway.

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Sounds like the problem I had in my rentals. My carpet cleaning guy recommended the Armstrong products. I stripped the vinyl with Armstrong New Beginning Resilient Deep Cleaning Floor Stripper. It doesn't have an overpowering odor. Just follow the directions on the bottle. I also used a Black & Decker Scum Buster to really help in getting all the grime off the vinyl. Next I applied 4 coats of Armstrong Shinekeeper. It takes about 1/2 hr for each coat to dry. This product gives a nice non-slippery shine. My floors looked like new!! For weekly cleaning I have used Armstrong Once 'n Done Resilient & Ceramic Floor Cleaner. Rinse the mop thoroughly after using because it will ruin the sponge head. This product does not remove the shine. I have also used lemon scented Simple Green for weekly cleaning. It does not effect the shine.

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Thanks for your responses... I'm going to try them until I find something to fix this problem. :)

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I have sheet vinyl floors in my kitchen. It's very old; I'd say close to 20 years old. I have never used polish or wax. What works for me is plain vinegar that's diluted. I use a microfiber cloth and go on my hands and knees and wipe away. It gets so clean it squeeks! You might want to try this as it's less expensive than other products. Good luck!

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Instead of getting down on your hands and knees, use a scrub brush on a handle. Works great.

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When we moved into this place the vinyl floors had apparently never been cleaned. I used scrubbing bubbles and a scrub brush on my hands and knees.

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I just spoke with Congoleum about deep cleaning our Xclusive Congoleum. Here is what you do. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT ALSO USING BLEACH otherwise you can poison yourself.

1/2 cup of ammonia to 1 gallon of water. You liberally mop your floor. You want it really wet. You let it sit on your floor for 5 to 6 minutes. What this does is get the grime out of the texture. Then you sponge mop with water. They you rinse it again with clean water. Worked like a charm. Works on tile too as I also did my bathroom. Finally. No more on my knees, cleaning.

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