Almost a Mardi Gras Table, but Not Quite

oldalgebraMarch 7, 2011

I am of the mind set that a hostess can't have too many feathers, beads, or masks on a Mardi Gras table.

As it turns out, I didn't watch for things during the year and I had to buy most of the Mardi Gras thingies that you see here. So the placemats, hat and beads are new (and purchased at full price - how can plastic beads cost that much??). I wanted lots more beads and some feathery masks, but couldn't bring myself to buy more. And the centerpiece needs purple and gold and green sparkly things coming out of it.

You can bet I'll watch the sales on Wednesday in anticipation of next year's table. Well, at least I honestly like the placemats, Mardi Gras or no Mardi Gras.

I made the candle shades and little cardboard crowns.

You've seen the same candle holders before, only they've been a dark bronze or silver. This is their first outing in gold.

Next time there'll be napkin rings and place cards. And they'll be Mardi Gras Gaudy.

Aren't those the wimpiest beads you've ever seen?

I've got to face it. This table really isn't ready for prime time.

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You know OA you just don't miss a holiday or tablescape opportunity, which impresses me to no end. You've got some clever Mardi Gras elements, I love the mask shades you made and the crowns were great idea. The gold tablecloth is a very elegant background. I'm sorry the beads are so high there, I'd be glad to send you some.

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OA, love the Mardi Gras masks you made for the candle holders and the crowns on this table. Did you paint your candle holders for this table? I love the color of your new placemats and your tc is perfect for this setting.

Your creativeness came out once again. The vase is beautiful and colored candles are so pretty. Always fun to see your tables. Hope you get some great deals to play with for next years table.


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OA, it looks great. I understand why you want some more beads, Mardi Gras is all about the beads!
Did you try Dollar Tree? They had some beads, masks, etc. Also Party City or any type of party warehouse. Good idea to go on Wed.
It just gives you an excuse to create a different table next year, cause there wouldn't be any point if we all just did the same tables over again, LOL.

Great job on the candle shades and crowns! You could make some crowns as napkin rings too! You really are very creative!
Are the placemats dark purple? I personally have found dark purple to be hard to photograph to show the real color, although your candle shades show the purple quite well.
Great job on the layered place settings.
You have the colors, feathers, beads, masks, coins, and glitter.
I'd say your table is close enough to "Let the good times roll."


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Nice Job OA..I think you pulled it off pretty good.
I like how you improvised with the Mask Shades and the Crowns. Nice layering job on the dishes and using the feathers, touches of glitter - gold tc and colored candles gives it a real 'Party Time' look! a Ever think of using beads from the 'little girls' jewelry' section? They usually have tons of rope beads pretty cheap and all different colors too.


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Another fun table, OA. The mask shades are perfect. The gold tablecloth and colored candles add to the festive look. And it wouldn't be Mardi Gras without Doubloons.
Try DT if there is one in your in your area. They carried a lot of beads and masks for Mardi gras.

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Marlene Kindred

Lovely! Not too overdone and that's a refreshing change from the usual Mardi Gras decorations. TFS!

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OA...I love your gold candlesticks & the covered shades you made!...the theatre masks are a wonderful icon! And the co-ordinating purple placemats are beautiful! They will be fun to use (send them to me for awhile, will-ya! LOL) Those new green/purple soup bowls from TS awhile bk would be great with those! I'm thinking ahead to "Lilac" season for a t'scape!

Love the bowls, texture of them & the napkins, color, too. I love your table! Yup, I know there's more beads & such to add & plummage (?) but it's great the way it is, t'cloth looks rich! Did you look at "Oriental Trade" cat? (their goodies like beads & such offer a great variety!) TFS, OA. Jeanne S.

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Like everyone, OA, I love the candle shades and the crowns. You are so clever! Your color scheme is outstanding. I know you want more gaudy stuff, but the table doesn't look at all deprived! You are so good at putting your things together.


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Thanks for the encouraging words everyone. Actually, when we sat down to eat last night, it didn't seem all that bad. The two of us did enjoy ourselves.

Funny thing is, when I went to put the dishes away (used a step ladder as I don't keep those purple bread and butter plates on a handy, easy to reach shelf), I discovered two purple dinner plates.- Don't ask. - I don't remember ever getting them.

As for the Wednesday shopping spree, nothing seems to be on sale. I checked in at Dollar Tree. Everything's gone. Nothing is marked down at Party City. So I'll see if Oriental Trading is dying to get my business in a couple of days (only a few things have been reduced just a little).

My nice new purple place mats didn't get a spot on them. They are in the placemat cupboard, ready for Halloween. Or maybe they'll come out sooner - I could suddenly become a Minnesota Viking Footballl fan.

Wait until next year. I'm having an all-out Mardi Gras party and you're all invited. :-)

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OA, I'm late to comment which seems to be my norm lately, but your table looks quite charming. I really like the colored feathers and love how you did the crowns and the mask design on the shades. We'll have to watch for feather plumes and lots more beads for you! Luvs

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