Miele Canada Free 1- Year Warranty!

sarendsApril 24, 2012

Wow, wish I lived in Canada! (not really)

Check it out - http://miele.ca/home.asp

Until May 13, 2012 any Dishwashing, Cooking, Refrigerator or Vacuum product receives a FREE 10 year factory warranty!

That has to say something about Miele quality.

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I don't know how to delete a post, but obviously there is nothing special about a 1 year warranty, but a TEN year appliance warranty is pretty darn cool!

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Since miele is price fixed in canada, there are never any sales, except the odd occasion when they are liquidating an old model. The 10 year warranty is a promotion that miele does here in canada fairly often in place of the sales. It does say a lot about miele quality. How long do you think whirlpool would be in business if they offered an equivilent? :)

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A long time!, tv guy. I replaced a 35 year old Maytag washer that still worked great and never had a service call, the dryer which was not Whirlpool, started to have problems and wife wanted to replace them both so the new ones would be
"Matchy Matchy".

I have a Jenn-air Fridge, > 5 years that has been trouble free cept for the ice maker, (alto My Jenn-air was bought before Jenn-air was bought by Whirlpool)but if one checks reliability reviews "by actual buyers of Jenn-air Fridges"
one finds that Jenn-air Fridges are usually at the top for reliability , 5 years ago and still today (even after being bought by Whirlpool).

I have had several KA Dishwashers, and none ever had a service call.

Also note the reviews here for Kitchenaid Fridges, most are highly rated.

Yep KA Ovens aren't , but neither are the Miele Ovens, (cept for a couple posters here).

So my point is, one can not "accurately" condemn or praise any appliance manufacturer for their "Entire product line".

Most have their strong and weak points, Miele's weakest point is their "Strong arm and high priced marketing techniques (even worse in Canada than the US) while one can find deals on Whirlpool appliances.


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