Pastic bubble residue?????

petalpatsyMarch 4, 2009

I just scrubbed my butt off (okay, I wish...) cleaning my shamefully dirty/greasy white kitchen ceiling fan. Vacuumed, wiped with Fantastic, scrubbed with Mr.Clean Eraser, wiped again, shined with Windex.

Now I'm just more annoyed that I can't get off the remants of my son's birthday party. I think it's actually a remnant of a Super Elastic Bubble Plastic bubble that he batted up to the moving fan...a year ago. I'm afraid to scrub anymore, plus it's just not budging.

Are there ANY suggestions? Or should I just get some shoe polish?

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: ) goo gone. or one of the orange-oil cleaners.

if that doesn't work, the next step is acetone - but I'm not sure what that'll do to the finish of the fan blades.

don't scrub, soak - fold a square of toilet paper in half, saturate it with goo gone, lay it over the mess (if it's on the underside, you'll have to hold it) and give it a few minutes to soften the stuff off. wipe with a paper towel, repeat as needed.

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acetone will remove the finish on the fan....I know of no finish that will withstand a soaking in acetone. I mean it will remove acrylic nails....think what it will do to your fan blades?
Cover the stain got kids? Something will happen again!
Linda C

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